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Nuts, Meat and Legumes help a good Sleep - A Nutritionist

A nutritionist believes that nuts, meat, legumes and seafood, which contains tryptophan, help a person sleep well. Recommend : 20% of Road accidents are caused due to lack of sleep

A Russian doctor, Olga Osatova said that "tryptophan" is an amino acid which the body gets it from food only, and inside the body it is used in the production of "serotonin", which is responsible during the day for joy and pleasure and "melatonin" at night make sures a good sleep for long time.

- The doctor said the materials that contain a good percentage of tryptophan are Sesame, Pistachios, Cashews, Almonds and Hazelnuts. These nuts contain the highest percentage of this amino acid. Most Viewed : Required ideal sleeping hours for human body of all age groups

- Olga Osatova further explained that that, to get the amount of melatonin that guarantees a good sleep, it is sufficient to eat 28 grams of pistachios or almonds.

- The doctor in a Russia Today report said, Salmon, mackerel, Shrimp, turkey, rabbit meat and other sea food can also replace sleeping pills.

- The doctor also advised people who want to improve their sleep to eat yogurt or any fermented dairy product containing live lactobacilli. Osatova advised to eat all these foods and products at least 3 hours before going to bed, so that the body absorbs them. See Also : Experts warns against doing special exercise before sleep

Nuts, Meat and Legumes help a good Sleep - A Nutritionist -

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