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Expatriates who are applying for permanent family visa, should pay a visa fee on their Iqama to Ministry Of Interior as funds. This payment can be done through whether SADAD ATM or through SADAD online payment using internet banking. This fee should paid once your all documents are ready and your profession is eligible. Recommended : Permanent Family visa professions, Istiqdam procedure, Istiqdam Appointment


1. Go to official website of Bank, Login into net banking by entering your online bank account credentials. Here we are using Bank Albilad internet banking, You can choose "ALBILAD NET" for Login or just simply go to "".

2. Once you successfully logged into net banking, Look for "SADAD" payments, Once you clicked on that you will see few options including "MOI SERVICES". In that you will find all government related services, You can choose "LABOR IMPORTATION". Recommended : Refund MOI funds

3. Now you can see all service related to "Labor Importation", In that you can also see a service option of "FAMILY VISA". Once you select that you will get a short form asking you to enter "SPONSOR ID" and "NUMBER OF VISA'S". Enter your Iqama Number in SPONSOR ID as you are the sponsor for your family, Enter 1 in NUMBER OF VISA's, 1 Visa is for one family, It means for wife and children one visa.

Sadad Online Payment for Permanent family visa

4. Once you click on "GET FEES", An amount of SAR 2000.00 will be deducted from your account. Now you need to go to MOI account to check your available funds on your Iqama or muqeem card. You will find 2000.00 SAR under your muqeem or iqama. Recommended : Check MOI Funds on Muqeem

Available MOI Funds on your Iqama

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