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Family Visit Visa detailed process in Saudi Arabia

To whom all we can invite in family visa :
We can only invite the following persons in Saudi Arabia family visa either it is visit or permanent.
Mother, Father, Wife, Children, Sisters, Mother in Law, Father in Law.

How to apply for family visit visa Saudi Arabia procedure :

Saudi Arabia may not be a place of fun or entertainment to the expatriates who are staying alone far from their country. They have an option of feeling home by bringing their family either in visit or permanent visa depending on their Iqama/Muqeem professions. permanent visa has more benefits than visit visa, as it does not have tensions of renewing. If visit visa has a validity of 3 months (90 days), It is possible to renew it 1 more time, that is up to 6 months. Renewal may be unsuccessful in the months of Ramadan and hajj.

Documents required in applying Family Visit Visa Saudi Arabia :

Only benefited professions are applicable for applying family visa. If your iqama or muqeem profession is not benefited one, request your sponsor to change your profession to benefited one.
1. Original valid Iqama/Muqeem of Saudi Arabia
2. Passport Copy
3. Passport copies of family members to whom you are inviting.

Fill Online application for family visit visa :


You are the kafeel of the family members you are inviting on family visa, So put your name in place of kafeel while filling the online form.
1. Visit Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Choose English as language at top right.
2. Click on Individuals, Choose Resident.
3. Select the one you are looking for, Choose 90 days for visit visa.
4. Fill the form and submit.
5. Take a print out of it .

Submit your application to Chamber of commerce :
1. Sign and put the date on the printed application.
2. Take sign and stamp of your sponsor on the printed application.
3. Visit to chamber of commerce of your city where your employer is registered.
4. Pay fee of visa application approximately 30 SR to chamber of commerce.
5. After submitting, You will receive a print out from chamber of commerce.

Check your application status online :
It may take a week or more to process your applied family visa. Keep patience and check your status everyday.
1. Go to MOFA website
2. Choose Application Submitted to mofa
3. Enter your application number, Iqama number and image code.
4. Click Inquire.

Submit your Approved application to Saudi Embassy :

Once your family visa got approval, Send copy of your application or the number of your application to your family member and let them contact nearest agent (will charge) for further process in Saudi embassy of your home country. 

Documents required for this process are Original passport of visa applicant, Your Iqama copy, Your Passport copy, 4 passport size photographs.
For married sister : 
Authorization letter from husband.
For Mother in Law or Father in Law :
Marriage certificate and copy of the passport and iqama of your wife.

If your Application Rejected :
It is common sometimes your visa application may reject, Do not bother, Apply again and again till you succeed. Sometimes it may accept 4th time, sometimes it may accept first time only. So do not loose hope.

Once visa is approved Saudi embassy have 3 months of time for stamping, Once visa is stamped, Applicant should travel within 3 months else your visa will expire.

1. If your visa is issued for 90 days you can extend it for 1 more time.
2. If your visa is issued for 30 days you can extend it for 5 more times. For detailed process of renewal follow this article "Family Visit Visa Extension".

Do not think of overstay, It is illegal, As you are the sponsor of your family you only responsible for it. A fine of SR 25,000/- is imposed on iqama even you stay for single extra day.


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