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Its a dream of every expatriate to bring and live with his family in Saudi Arabia. What if your wife is pregnant and you are planning to bring your upcoming baby in Saudi Arabia? Here you have two options. First is to make birth of your baby in home country and the other option is to birth your new born baby in Saudi Arabia, which will be very expensive if you do not have family insurance. 

If you choose the first option to birth your child in home country you should go through long process which is mentioned in detail below.

Adding your Child under your Iqama/Muqeem (born in Home Country) :

1. Your wife who already hold iqama/muqeem should Apply for Passport and Visa for your child.

2. Once your child in Saudi Arabia, You can add under your Iqama/Muqeem by depositing a fee of 2000 SR. If your child is already crossed 1 year you should pay an additional fine of 1000 SR.

3. Assure your fee is deposited correctly by checking MOI website, To check follow this article "Funds under Muqeem".

4. Take a form from Jawazat office for adding your child under your Iqama/Muqeem and fill it in Arabic, attach two photographs of your child. You can request the writers in front of jawazat office to help you, Get attested the form from your employer.

5. Attach a Polio Immunization Certificate received from hospital of your home country and translated birth certificate of your child. 

6. Carry original and Copies of parents passports, Submit to Jawazat office addition department.

Adding your Child under your Iqama/Muqeem (born in Saudi Arabia) :

This process is little bit easy compared to the first one, Here you have to go through the following processes to add your child under your Iqama if he born in Saudi.
1. Getting Birth Certificate
2. Getting Passport
3. Getting Iqama/Muqeem

1. Getting Birth Certificate : 

- Make appointment with Ahwal-e-Madni before your baby born, To know detailed procedure for booking new appointment with Al Ahwal-e-Madani read this article "Birth Certificate Appointment Saudi Arabia".

- Get Birth notification Certificate from the hospital where your child born.

- Take original passports and Iqama copies of you and your wife, Printout of Ahwal-e-Madani appointment, MOH Form received from Hospital, Fill and submit "Form 87". Translate into Arabic if you have English documents.

2. Getting Passport for Baby :

- Once you receive Birth Certificate from Ahwal-e-Madni, You should contact your embassy with all documents you have for issuing passport to your baby.

3. Getting Iqama from Jawazat :

- After your baby passport processing, you can give it to your company HR department to add your child under your Iqama. 

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