Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, July 26, 2020

List of Items banned from bringing into Saudi Arabia

List of prohibited items from bringing into Saudi Arabia from other countries as per the Saudi customs, This article is very helpful for those who are coming to Saudi Arabia for the first time, especially for expatriates or foreigners arriving in the country. Read : Now you can open bank account online in Saudi Arabia without visiting bank

1. All kinds of Alcoholic drinks and its products(including wine, liquor and beer).

2. All kinds of Dangerous or illegal drugs. Related : Man arrested for carrying 603,000 Saudi riyals in socks

3. All kinds of medicines without proper prescription from doctor.

4. The Pig, its meat, its fat, its hair, its blood, its viscera and all that is extracted from Pig.

5. Frog meat

6. All food items that are manufactured with animal blood.

7. Nutmeg fruit, its pure powder and seed. Similar : limit of gold to carry at Indian airports

8. Tools, machines and devices dedicated to gambling games of all kinds.

9. Asbestos rock and its products.

10. Industrial wastes and hazardous waste.

11. Firecrackers in the shape of a mobile phone, cigarette lighter, pager, pen and knives.

12. Pistols, assault rifles and pistols which are similar in shape to the real pistol.

13. The binoculars which are used to operate an electrical circuit and produce a red light that appears on the target directly.

14. Products and materials for all types of fumes.

15. Products of Israeli origin or bearing Israeli flags.

16. Contaminated goods and nuclear dust. See Also : Saudi Telecom launch a number to report spam messages

17. Statues of the Holy Kaaba, The Cross, Christmas trees, the electronic Mihrab and any items that are incompatible with Islamic teachings.

18. Devices emitting the alarms of security vehicles and the sounds of some animals.

19. Remote control aircraft and its spare parts.

20. Fireworks used by children such as guns, rockets, brittle, sulfur and night stars.

22. Greeting cards with electric circuit.

23. Electronic Quran

24. Security vehicle radar detectors. .

25. Right hand side staring cars.

26. Vehicles that have already been the subject of accidents or that have been used as taxis or for the police or classified (salvage) and those that have been exposed to incidents of drowning, fire, collision, coup or otherwise, even if imported for the purpose of dismantling them and selling them in the form of spare parts.

27. White invoices titled Foreign Companies Abroad.

28. Used or refurbished external pneumatic tyres. Most Viewed : No change in dependent fee of expats

29. Natural raw organic fertilizers resulting from animal or vegetarian origin.

30. Any water labelled as Zamzam.

31. Narcotics

32. All Pornographic material (Books, DVD's, Magazines).

33. Articles and Books which are contrary to Islamic beliefs.

34. Military uniforms or equipment of Military.

35. Radio transmitter or communication equipment.


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