Video : Girl student in Saudi Arabia scares classmates with Snake

Video : Female Student in Saudi Arabia scares classmates with snake

A student in Saudi Arabia brought a snake to her class at University of Taiba in Madina, Saudi Arabia from her house to scare her classmates sparking a state of panic.

The Information Technology female student brought snake to classroom to scare her friends, The teacher in the University managed to evacuate all students from the class after seein snake.

The terrified students called the security after seeing the snake at IT classroom. An Investigation report revealed that the student bought the sanke from a shop in Madina.

The snake is toothless and non poisnous, The girl student brought the snake only to scare her friends, However, Legal measures of disciplinary were taken against the female student.

Girl student in Saudi Arabia scares classmates with Snake

Nov 12, 2019

New domestic workers Rights introduced in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's Domestic Workers are entitled for ESB, Weekly Off and Sick Leaves

Human Rights Commission in Saudi Arabia has introduced new rules and regulations for domestic workers, related to contractual, financial and health rights of the domestic workers in the Kingdom.

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) on its Twitter said it was not allowed to employ domestic workers in a job that threatens them, their health, safety and dignity.

- Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia are entitled to get "End of Service Benefits (ESB)", They are also entitled to get a rest day (Weekly once), and paid sick leave for one month every year.

- Recently, Bangladesh called for one of its citizen, who is employed as domestic worker in Saudi Arabia to return to home country after she uploaded a tearful video of her alleging abuse at the hands of her sponsor.

- According to the statistics of last year, There are more than 2.5 million domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

New domestic workers Rights introduced in Saudi Arabia

Nov 11, 2019

Procedure to register membership in Saudi Council as Technician

Guide to register for Technician membership on Saudi Council of Engineers, Must for Techinican Iqama professions

Procedure for the registration of membership with Saudi Council of Engineering for the listed "Saudi Council of Engineers Technician List", Iqama will not be renewed of those expatriates who failed to register for Technician membership with SCE.

Procedure for Diploma holders to register as Technician in Saudi Council :

1. Create a profile in Saudi Council of Engineering (SCE) portal.

2. Upload both sides of Saudi Embassy attested diploma or certification.

3. Authorization Letter, Download from  and fill it properly.

4. Introduction from the Current Saudi Employer, attested by Chamber of Commerce.

5. Copy of Iqama, Passport and Visa entry page from the passport.

6. Passport quality Photograph.

Note : All documents are subject to verification from the issuing agency.

Procedure for Non diploma or certification holders to register as Techincian in Saudi Council :

1. Experience certificate as per profession issued from the Employer.

2. Authorization Letter, Download form and fill it properly.

3. Introduction Letter from the current employer attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

4. Copy of Iqama, Passport and Visa entry page in the passport.

5. Passport quality Photograph.

Procedure to register membership in Saudi Council as Technician

Technician Professions that need to register in Saudi Council for Iqama renewal

List of Technician Professions on iqama that need to register for Membership in Saudi Council of Engineers for Iqama Renewal

The list of 136 Iqama professions of Technicians in Saudi Arabia that need to be register in Saudi Council of Engineering, In order to renew your iqama, It is mandatory from now, Those who do not register they cannot able to renew their iqama. More technician professions are on on the way to be listed. Trending : Guide to register in Saudi Council for Technicians

The membership registration fee for Technicians iqama to be paid in two parts, Initially 500 SR as one time processing fee and then 200 SR for each year. The list of technician iqama professions are

1 Agricultural Machinery Maintenance Technician 18 Communications Engineering Technician
2 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician 19 Computer Network Technician
3 Aircraft Maintenance Technician 20 Computer Networks Security Supervisor
4 Architectural Draughtsman 21 Computer Operator
5 Architectural Model Maker 22 Computer Programmer
6 Associate Surveyor 23 Computer Technician
7 Aviation Technician 24 Computer Trainer
8 Building Surveyor 25 Construction Draughtsman / Buildings
9 Building Technician /Building Supervisor 26 Crude Oil Laboratory Technician
10 Bus and Truck Maintenance Technician 27 Customer Services Electrical Technician
11 Business Analysis Specialist 28 Data Bank Systems Programmer
12 Cartographer 29 Database Administrator
13 Cartography First Supervisor 30 Database Supervisor
14 Casting Technician 31 Decoration Technician
15 Cathodic Protection Technician 32 Desalination Fire Alarm Technician
16 Chemical Cleaning Technician 33 Digital Aerial Scanning Equipment Operator
17 Chemical Refining Technician 34 Digital aerial survey Technician

35 Digital mapping technician 52 Electronic Technician – TV broadcast
36 Draughtsman 53 Electronic Technician - TV Maintenance
37 Drilling Technician 54 Electronics Technician
38 Electrical Designs draftsman 55 Engine Lathing Technician
39 Electrical Draftsman 56 Factory Planning Draftsman
40 Electrical Engineering Technician - General 57 Fire Fighting Technician
41 Electrical technician - aerial lines 58 Fluid Technician
42 Electrical technician - equipment Maintenance 59 Food Industries Technician
43 Electrical Technician - Generators & aircraft Motors 60 Food Lab Technician
44 Electrical technician - land cables 61 Gas Turbine Technician
45 Electrical technician - precision equipment 62 General Chemical Technician
46 Electrical technician - wiring 63 General Chemistry Laboratory Technician
47 Electricity technician 64 General Draughtsman
48 Electronic Draftsman 65 General Maintenance Technician
49 Electronic Technician – Communications 66 General Mechanical Draftsman
50 Electronic Technician – Control Equipment 67 General Surveyor
51 Electronic Technician – Radio broadcast 68 General System Analyst

69 Heat Exchanger Technician 86 Metal Ovens Technician
70 Helicopter Maintenance Technician 87 Metallurgy Technician
71 HVAC Technician 88 Mine Surveyor
72 Industrial Equipment Installation Technician 89 Mining Technician
73 Information Security Specialist 90 Mobile Telephone Technician
74 Light Vehicle Maintenance Technician 91 Mold Technician
75 Lighting Technician 92 Natural Minerals Technician
76 Locomotive Maintenance Technician 93 Network Sewer Technician
77 Marine mapping technician 94 Occupational Health Technician
78 Mechanical Draftsman 95 Oil Technician
79 Mechanical Draftsman - Air Conditioning & Cooling 96 Operations Analyst
80 Mechanical Draftsman - Plumbing and heating 97 Paint Industries Technician
81 Mechanical Draftsman- Welding & Tinplate 98 Photographic surveyor
82 Mechanical Engineering & Steam Engine Technician 99 Plumbing & Heating Technician - Installation
83 Mechanical Engineering Technician -General 100 Plumbing & Heating Technician - Operation & Maintenance
84 Mechanical Production  Technician 101 Power plants - installation Technician
85 Medical Equipment Technician 102 Power plants - O&M technician

103 Power plants - switching O&M technician 120 Structural Draughtsman / Roads
104 Power plants switching - installation Technician 121 Structural Materials Lab Technician
105 Production Engineering Technician 122 Support Technician
106 Quantity Surveyor 123 Surveyor
107 Quantity Surveyor 124 Surveyor and Field Investigator
108 Road Machinery Maintenance Technician 125 Swimming Pool Maintenance Technician
109 Road surveyor 126 Systems Operation Specialist
110 Road Technician /Road Supervisor 127 Technical Services Specialist
111 Security & Safety Technician 128 Technical Support Specialist
112 Sewage Treatment Plant Technician 129 Telecommunications Technician – General
113 Ship Engine Maintenance Technician 130 Telephone Technician
114 Software Development Specialist 131 Time and Movement Technician
115 Software Engineering Specialist 132 Water & Sewage Technician
116 Soil Mechanics Laboratory Technician 133 Water Laboratory Technician
117 Sound Technician 134 Water Networks Technician
118 Steam Turbine Technician - Maintenance 135 Welding Technician
119 Steam Turbine Technician -Operation 136 Welding Tester

Fines on Spitting and Littering in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to fine those who Spit in Public or Dump Litter on Streets

Saudi Arabia to fine reckless people who spit in pubic or dump litter in the streets of the Kingdom announced the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.

The violator or lawbreakers who caught "Spitting on public or dumping litter in the streets" will be penalized with 500 SR for the first time and the fine will be doubled in case of repeating the same offence said the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.

- The tough fines for violations featured in the regulations are to protect public deceny across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fines on Spitting and Littering in Saudi Arabia

Nov 9, 2019

One stop procedure in Final stage on King Fahad Causeway

One stop procedure is in Final stage on King Fahad Causeway

Implementation of one stop crossing on King Fahad Causeway soon between two countries of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for the visitors.

The fast track procedure has reached its final stages before its implementation said the authorities of King Fahad Causeway.

- One stop system may fast up the procedures by 50%, There is no plans yet to increase the fees for the travelers who are traveling between these two countries Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

One stop procedure in Final stage on King Fahad Causeway

Nov 8, 2019

E-Screens with Fuel prices are now mandatory at Petrol stations

e-Screens with Fuel Prices are now mandatory at Petrol stations in Saudi Arabia

Now Gasoline stations in Saudi Arabia are required to install electronic screens at the entrances for displaying fuel prices. As the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs made it mandatory.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs the Kingdom issued a decree for making it mandatory to display the petrol prices at the entrance of stations. The electronic screens to show the fuel prices of Gaoline 95 and 91, diesel and kerosene.

- The Ministry ordered to apply it in all municipalities of the Kingdom to ensure that fuel stations set up e-screens to display the prices and monitor strict compliance by its directives.

- The new rule helps to promote and enhance transparency and credibility between the consumers and service providers and ensure compliance with new rules without changing or disturbing the current official fuel prices in the country.

E-Screens with Fuel prices are now mandatory at Petrol stations

Nov 5, 2019

Huroob expats banned from Re-Entering into Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has banned Huroob Expats from re-entering into Saudi Arabia

Jawazat in Saudi Arabia has warned expatriates of being reported huroob, As huroob expats will be fined with 50,000 SR, faces a jail term for 6 months and will be deported from Saudi Arabia with status not to enter in Kingdom again.

Jawazat also stated that, An employer or sponsor cannot cancel huroob reported against his employee or worker from Absher portal, They need to visit physically to Jawazat office expatriates section within 15 days of reporting in order to cancel.

- Any company or employer who recruits illegal expatriates will face a fine of 100,000 SR. Those who transports or accommodate illegal expats will be penalized as per the rules and regulations.

- Earlier, Labor Ministry in Saudi Arabia has warned employers and sponsors for misusing the power of huroob against their employees. However the huroob expats can report the false huroob status made by his sponsor.

- The Ministry also warned the employers who plays with the future of expatriate workers by manipulating huroob against their working expats, The services of the violators will stop for 5 years.

- Few employers use huroob as tool agains their workers and seek money for cancelling it from their iqama. Jawazat asked all the citizens and expats to report those who are violating the system of residence, work and absent from work.

Huroob expats banned from Re-Entering into Saudi Arabia

Jail term & Fine on decorating Flower bouquets with Saudi banknotes

Saudi Arabia warns using Banknotes on decorating Flower Bouquets

Saudi Arabia warned those who is using banknotes to decorate bouqets of flowers, Its a violation and the violator will face a penal action similar to penalties of counterfeiters (Fake currency or Forgery).

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) issued a warning to those who are using Saudi Riyals notes in decorating bouqets or as flowers. It is a illegal activity and a Special Penal Code shall be applicable on those who involved in such cases.

- According to the law, Any person who intentioinally change features of Saudi currency notes, which is in circulation in the country, or distors or tears or washes by chemical means or partially damages or loses weight and size shall be punished by Jail term for a period of 3 to 5 years and a fine not less thatn 3000 SR to 10,000 SR or both penalties.

- Many people reached the bank to replace their damaged notes with new ones, SAMA warns using banknotes in bouqets of flowers as it would lead in damaging banknotes, The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority calls to respect toward a national symbol in the banknotes.

- Before this, SAMA asks to probhibit use of images and designs of bank notes that are in circulation for comercial and other businesses without getting a permission from the SAMA.

- Selling products of bearing pictures of the official currency of the Kingdom by some markets and shops in the Kingdom is punishable under the penal provision to prevent counterfeiting stated a report in Saudi Gazette.

Jail term & Fine on decorating Flower bouquets with Saudi banknotes

eXtra launched its Mega Sale offer for 2019 on all Electronics

eXtra launched its Mega Sale 2019 offer on all Electronics with upto 50% discounts

eXtra stores extended their yearly offers on all products until Saturday and extended their YouTube contest as well to WIN the new Huawei Nova 5T (Winner Everyday) 📱 🎁
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eXtra launched its Mega Sale offer for 2019 on all Electronics

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