Saudi Arabia arrested more than 3.7 Million Illegal Expats since November

About 3.7 Million Illegal Expats arrested in Saudi Arabia since November 2017

Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested more than 3.67 million  expatriates for violating the residence permits, labor laws and border security regulations. Most Viewed : What is Iqama in Saudi Arabia how to read or know your iqama

As per the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report, out of 3.67 million arrested expatriates, 2.87 million  violated residency regulations and 567,575 violated labor laws. See Also : A Saudi man rented whole shopping mall to drive a car into it

- The campaign 'A Nation without violators' was started arresting violators from 15th November 2017 till this week, it covered all the regions of Saudi Arabia.

- The agency also said there were immediate arrests of 609,463 violators, about 469,860 expats transferred to their diplomatic missions to obtain travel permits, Nearly 50,704 expatriates to complete their travel reservations. Recommend : Riyadh's International Airport offers free WiFi

- Nearly 912,483 illegal expats have been deported till now, The Saudi authorities arrested 240,598 people who attempted to cross the borders and entering Saudi territories in which 51% were Ethiopians, 46% were Yemenis and the remaining 3% were other nationalities.

- The security guards also arrested 2,074 people were attempting to cross the borders and leave Saudi Arabia illegally. The total number of Saudi nationals who were arrested for transporting or employing illegal expatriates are 1,533, Out of which 1,418 of them were completed their legal procedures and released remaining 115 are still being probed. Read : Free baby vaccination in Saudi government hospitals


Pakistani doctors with MS, MD Degrees no more eligible to work in Saudi Arabia

Paksitani doctors with MS & MD degrees are no more eligible to work in Saudi Arabia

Pakistani national doctors are no longer be eligible to work in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries like UAE , Qatar, Bahrain and other Arab countries as its MS (Master Surgery and MD (Medicine Doctor) post graduate porgrammes has been de recognised in Saudi Arabia.

This move affected hundreds of qualified Pakistani doctors and left them jobless, Several doctors have been asked to be ready for deportation by the hospital managements.

- After the decision of Saudi Arabia, Other Arab counries such as UAE, Qatar and Bahrain also de recognised Pakistani medical programmes. As per the report most of the doctors affected were hired by the Saudi Health Ministry.

- The Health Ministry in the Kingdom claims the Pakistan's MS/MD programmes do not have structured training programmes, which needs to employ medics of higher positions.

- The Saudi Commission for Health Specialities issued termination letters for several Pakistani doctors and announced that their application for professional qualifications had been dismissed as per the rules.

- According to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities (SCFHS) leter, 'Your application for professional qualification has been rejected. The reason is that your master degree from Pakistan is not acceptable as per the SCFHS regulations'.

- These regulations is a cause of concern for many senior doctors in Pakistan, The government in Pakistan to approach Saudi and other Arab governments through their diplomatic channel on withdrawal of the recognition of MS/MD Program.

Pakistani doctors no more eligible to work in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar



More than 400,060 people stopped from entering into Makkah city as they failed to provide hajj permit, The Hajj Security Forces are checking the pilgrims permits at various entering points of the Makkah city, Entry into Makkah city is only through valid hajj permit till the end of Hajj season. New : Saudi Arabia in support of Women rights

100,000 Saudi security troops and 5000 CCTV cameras at the holy sites of Makkah and Madina to secure this Hajj season and the pilgrims, This year nearly 3 million people to attend the Hajj from all parts of the world. Trending : Mashaer metro train that only runs on Hajj

- One of the main reason for denying entry into Makkah city is to secure and safeguard the Hajj season, The authorities will not tolerate anyone who violates the regulations or who tries to disturb the Hajj atmosphere.

- Unauthorized pilgrims will be strictly handled for violations and send to the related authorities for penalizing them, Performing illegal Hajj is a violation and it results in deportation of an expat with a 10 year ban from entering into Saudi Arabia. Most Viewed : Saudi to limit 40 working hours for a week in private sectors

- The Hajj Security Forces will track down the violators of Hajj, even in the holy sites of Makkah through random fingerprint checks. The tracking of the violators will also be checked at the roads that leading to the holy sites.

- Many surveillance cameras are recording the actions of public in various entrances of the holy sites, Residents and citizens should cooperate with the security officials in order to provide suitable atmosphere for the Haji's or pilgrims. Hot : Harmful comments can lead you to Jail


Aug 9, 2019

Saudi Arabia calls for Peaceful Solution on Jammu and Kashmir

Saudi Arabia calls for Peaceful Solution on Jammu and Kashmir

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is following up the present situation in Indian state "Jammu and Kashmir", after the revoke of Article 370, which guaranteed the freedom to the Jammu and Kashmir said an official source at the Foriegn Ministry.

The Kingdom called on the concerned parties to maintain peace and stability in the region and to take into account the interests of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, The United Arab Emirates too has called for dialogue between the two neighbours India and Pakistan.

- The source also said the Kingdom's concern over the latest developments and called for peaceful settlement of the conflict as per the relevant international resolutions.

- The Indian government revoked Article 370 last week and withdraw the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcated the state in 2 Union Territories Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

- The United Kingdom is also following the developments closely and supported calls for the situation to remain calm, Meanwhile Britain's parliamentarian divided over the issue.

- Indian state Jammu & Kashmir has been in a state of lockdown since the government announced withdraw special status from the state, Mobile phone networks, landlines, internet has been cut off in the region reported BBC news.

- Tens of thousands of troops deployed in Jammu and Kashmir and two state's former chief minsister were placed under the house arrest. Shocked residents are begging to speak out, many of them not yet figure what happened in the state.

Saudi Arabia calls for Peaceful Solution on Jammu and Kashmir

Aug 8, 2019

Over 2 Million pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia to witness their Hajj

More than 2 Million Pilgrims arrived so far from all over the world including Saudi Arabia to perform their Hajj rituals this year

The number of Hajj pilgrims arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from all over the world so far to perform their Hajj rituals this year reached nearly 2.1 million (2,096,023). Trending : Indonesian Grandfather gets invitation from Saudi King Salman to perform Hajj after his viral video

The total number of pilgrims arrived so far by air, land and sea ports reached 1,775,041 as per the statistics issued by the Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat). Recommend : Saudi Arabia is finalizing regulations on temporary visas for expats

- In which 1,664,974 pilgrims arrived by air, while 92,844 pilgrims arrived by land and 17,223 pilgrims arrived by the sea way.

- Till The Arafat day of Hajj 1440, The number of pilgrims are expected to reach 2 million including domestic pilgrims of Saudi Arabia. Last year 2018, Nearly 2.4 million pilgrims arrived in Makkah to witness the Hajj 1439 including the locals of Saudi Arabia. Read : 1 million free internet sim cards for Hajj pilgrims at Jeddah airport

Million pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia to witness their Hajj this year

Aug 6, 2019

Saudi Arabia served over 95 million Hajj pilgrims in 50 years Statistics

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia served over 95 million Hajj pilgrims in 50 Hajj seasons

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia served over 95 million pilgrims in previous 50 years of Hajj seasons as per the statistics released by the General Authority of Statistics. Most Viewed : Indonesian grandfather gets invitation from Saudi King Salman for performing Hajj

The numbers crossed over 95.853 million pilgrims in 50 years with an average of 2 million per year, in 19 Hajj seasons, since depicting and keeping the records of pilgrims numbers been delegated to General Authority of Statistics (GAS), corresponding to the year 1969-70. See Also : Haj word on Indian currency notes in 1950-60

- The past 25 Hajj seasons stood with the numbers 54 million (54,465,253) pilgrims compared to 23 million (23,796,977) pilgrims for the past 10 seasons of Hajj revealed GAS.

Saudi Arabia served over 95 million Hajj pilgrims in 50 year Statistics

Fines on Private Companies for Delaying Salaries, ESB, refusing Weekly Offs

Fines in Saudi Arabia on Private Companies for Delaying Salaries, End Of Service Benefits and refusing Weekly Offs

A fine of 10,000 Saudi Riyals on private company for each employee, if the company delays end of service benefit (ESB) of a staff member by a maximum of two weeks time as per the Ministry of Labor and Social Development violation rule. Most Viewed : Violation penalties on companies

As per the Article (90) of Saudi Labor Law, The salary payment of employees should be in Saudi official currency only, The payment should me made through the accredited banks of the Kingdom, The salaries should be paid during working hours and at the work place with the consent of an employee. Recommend : Employers violations fines list

- The Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia already warned companies so many times that, In case of delaying employee monthly salary, the private company will face a levy fine of 3000 SR on each employee.

- The companies should not pay salaries in any other currencies except Saudi Riyals or should not hold part of the salary without any legal justification, The company does not have a right to withhold the salary of a worker or employee. See Also : Wages delay fines on companies in Saudi Arabia

- The ministry also stated that the private companies will face a heavy fine if it employs a worker without legal written or documented contract, The organisation should not allow employee to work more than 8 hours in a day or 48 hours in a week.

- There is a huge fine, if the company refuse to give weekly off days or annual vacations to their staff members. An establishment will be fined 15,000 SR, If it employs less than 2 women employees or if the company does not have emergency exits and rescue equipment or fire extinguishers. Read : Benefits for expats on working in Saudi Arabia

- 25,000 SR fine on a company, if they did not allocate special work place for women, and 20,000 SR fine if they did not provide enough security guards reported in the article published on Saudi Gazette.

Saudi Arabia issued Royal decree to end restrictions on women travel

Saudi Arabia now allows Women to travel Independently without Male or Guardian approval

Women in Saudi Arabia no longer require a permission from a male guardian or family member to travel or obtain a passport, according to a new Royal decree signed by King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

The right of every Saudi national to get a passport and limits the need for a guardian's approval now only to minors. The Royal decree is gender neutral and does not any restrictions specific to women.

- Saudi authorities have addressed all limitation in the system that halting women from living their lives securely and free from unnecessary difficulties.

- The new amendments are designed to lift the restriction on Saudi women in the society, which includes the right to apply for passport and travel independently.

- The developments of women have been a long time coming, it also includes issuing driving licenses to women in Saudi Arabia, The leadership in the Kingdom has proved its commitment on gender equality.

Saudi Arabia issued Royal decree to end restrictions on women travel

Aug 2, 2019

Haj word on Indian notes in 1950-60 for Hajj pilgrims

Indian notes had word 'Haj' in 1950-60 for the use of Haj pilgrims

The Indian government in 1950-60 issued notes for the use of pilgrims going for Hajj to Saudi Arabia from India. Similar : Saudi Crown Prince announce Hajj gift for India

These notes were issued in the denominations of 10 and 100, It had the word "HAJ" inscribed on the notes observe. Recommend : Saudi Arabia reduced visit visa fee for Indian nationals

- The serial number of the notes was started with the letters 'HA', Later the notes were discontinued when the notes meant for circulation in the Gulf states withdrawn.

Aug 1, 2019

Large Hailstones rain killed animals, damaged vehicles in Saudi Arabia

Large Hailstones rain damaged several vehicles and killed animals

Heavy rain and hail stones lashed in some parts of Saudi Arabia, damaging several cars with no causalities were reported in the Kingdom.

The severely affected area with heavy hail storm are villages in north Mahayel, The severe hail stones killed number of sheep and other live animals as per the report of Saudi local news.

- The meteorological authorities in the Kingdom said the hailstones were the biggest till now, it had never seen before in such sizes. Social media users posted several videos and photos of damaging vehicles and hailstones.

Dhul Hijjah moon sighted in Saudi Arabia, Eid Al Adha will be on 11th August

Zul Hijjah crescent moon sighted in Saudi Arabia, Arafah day will be on 10th August and Eid Al Adha will be on 11th August

The festival of Eid Al Adha to celebrate on 11th August 2019 (Sunday) in Saudi Arabia as the crescent moon was sighted in Saudi Arabia on Thursday (1st August 2019) evening. Trending : Eid Al Adha holidays for Public sector in Saudi Arabia

The sighting of the crescent moon indicates the beginning of the Hajj season, The 1st day of Dhu Hijjah will be on 2nd August 2019 (Friday). The crescent was reportedly seen in Tumair Observatory in Saudi Arabia. Recommend : 4 days holidays for Eid Al Adha to private companies in Saudi Arabia

- The Day of Arafat will be on 9th Zul Hijjah that is on 10th August 2019 (Saturday), when all the Hajj pilgrims will be on the mountain of Arafah. The 10th day of Dul Hijjah (11th August 2019) will be celbration of Eid Al Adha (Bakrid).

- All the government sectors will be on Eid Al Adha holidays from 9th August 2019 to 17th August, Private sector employees to get 4 days holidays on Eid Al Adha starting from the 9th day of Dhul Hijjah month. See Also : The blessed day of Arafah

Taif city to see its first cinema theater in Park for Taif Season Festival

Taif city in Saudi Arabia to see its first cinema theater in Park for Taif Season Festival

Taif city in Saudi Arabia is all set to get its first cinema theater in Park, Municipality of the city has been making final preparations for the inauguration of 350 seat theater in King Abdullah Park. Most Viewed : New Anti begging law to punish beggars

The Cinema theater is a part of Taif Season Festival, which starts its activities from Thursday. The theater will screen only new movies in which majority of them being foreign movies. Trending : Indonesian grandfather got invitation for Hajj from Saudi King after his viral video

- Ticket prices for the movie is fixed at 50 SR, Another movie theater is to come in commercial shopping mall in Taif, However, the ticket prices are not yet declared.

Taif city to see its first cinema theater in Park for Taif Season Festival

Jul 30, 2019
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