Expats dominate Saudi labor market but with unskilled Jobs

Expatriates dominate Saudi Labor market but with Unskilled Jobs

Saudi Arabia has the 3rd highest expatriate presence in the world after United States and Russia. But more than 80% of those expats in Saudi Arabia are working on unskilled jobs and the workers do not earn more than 2500 SR per month. Read  : No plans to revise expat levy fee

The general perception is that expats in Saudi Arabia are the main cause of rising unemployment among Saudi nationals. The problem lies in the fact that the Ministry of Labor has defined more than 60 job categories reserved for Saudi citizens. See Also : Labor ministry confirms no changes in dependent fee

- But unfortunately that list does not include professions like domestic helps, agriculture labor, construction laborers, light and heavy vehicle drivers, cooks, plumbers, electricians, waiters, masons, carpenters and dozens of other blue collared jobs.

- Many analysts believe the main reason of unemployment in Saudi Arabia is because of huge number of expatriates. A recent news revealed that 75.6% expatriates are controlling the Saudi lobar market with their unskilled jobs. Read : Check your salary in GOSI

- As per GOSI, 66.2% working expats are men and 9.4% are women, While 24.4% of job holders are Locals in which 16% are men and 8.4% are women.

- The General Authority for Statistics report said in the first quarter of 2019, In 12.76 million workers of Saudi Arabia, 10.9 million are men and 2.2 million are women, which is 82.2% and 17.8 percent. Most Viewed : Benefits of GOSI for expats in Saudi Arabia

- The report further said 3.1 million are Saudi men workers which is about 65% and 1.07 million are women they are nearly 17.3%. In this the age group of 30-39 represents 35.8% of the working people.

- Majority of the locals are working in Riyadh Makkah and Eastern Province out of which Riyadh has the largest number of working Saudis.

- Experts believe that unemployment which is currently 12% cannot be brought down unless Saudization takes place to the root level. All jobs are respectable and have dignity. It is about time that Saudi locals should be willing to fill all kind of jobs including blue collared one. Trending : Salary delays fines company with 3000SR on each employee

- There is no denying in the fact that Saudi males are taking up even unskilled jobs, On the other Saudi women are also keen to take up all possible jobs, their only concern is to have a job that respects their culture and religion.

Expats dominate Saudi labor market but with unskilled Jobs

STC is the first to officially launch 5G services in Saudi Arabia

STC is the first to launch 5G services officially in Saudi Arabia

STC in Saudi Arabia has announced that they officially launched the 5G (Fifth Generation) wireless network in the Kingdom, STC has become the first operator to provide 5G commercial services to its customers in a number of cities. Similar : Saudi Arabia launched its first hydrogen fuel station

5G network will be 100 times faster than 4G network, which was launched in 2009. The commercial launch of STC 5G service in Saudi Arabia coincides with the VIVA Kuwait, VIVA Bahrain soon it will launch in Bahrain too. Recommend : Saudi cities records highest temperature this summer

- As per the STC, It has developed the wireless network infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, increasing its penetration by providing latest global technologies and accelerating deployment on 5G network, which is going to provide a major technical transformation for all future applications.

- The 5G network will contribute in improving the speed and performance of wireless networks and will improve the communication efficiency between the people and their devices, it also enhances internet related services, artificial intelligence and robots.

- Al Khobar city in Saudi Arabia had become the first city in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region to benefit from 5G service in the Eastern region of the Kingdom. Related : Al Khobar is the first city to have 5G network

- The launch of Fifth Generation network service is in line with the Saudi Arabia's digital transformation plans and the objectives of National Transformation Program 2020 and the Vision 2030.

- Saudi Arabia is determined to be a world leader in 5G to take early advantage of its benefits, with becoming one of the first countries to launch 5G service. See Also : Self immigration check counters at Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport

STC is the first to officially launch 5G services in Saudi Arabia

Jun 21, 2019

Saudi Arabia launched its first hydrogen fueling station

Saudi Arabia launched its firs Hydrogen Fueling station

The first hydrogen fueling station launched in Saudi Arabia by Saudi Aramco and Air products at Air Products new Technology center in Dahran Techno Valley Science Park.

The pilot station will fuel Toyota Mirai FCEVs, Initially this hydrogen fuel station will fuel to an initial fleet of 6 Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric Vehicles (FECVs).

- The new fuel station will reportedly be equipped with Air Products proprietary Smart Fuel hydrogen fueling technology. This will supply Toyota Mirai's with high quality compressed hydrogen.

- The initial phase of the 1st Saudi Arabia's hydrogen fuel station to provide valuable data for future applications, The information will be collected during this phase and will provide valuable information for future applications of hydrogen powered transport technology in the Kingdom's environment.

- According to a latest report by International Energy Agency (IEA) the hydrogen has vast potential to help the world reduce emissions while addressing its energy needs.

- This milestone is a significant step in making oil to hydrogen a reality as Saudi Aramco continues to focus on producing breakthrough technology and solutions in order to prepare for long term commitment to lower carbon emissions and address climate concerns.

Saudi Arabia launched its first hydrogen fueling station

Two Pakistani Expats rescued after Trapped underground

Two Pakistani expatriates rescued after trapped underground

Two Pakistani nationals found themselves trapped inside a water spring in the Yanbu's AL Nakhl region in Saudi Arabia.

The two laborers were on their routine maintenance work when a large quantity of soil surrounding the spring collapsed, trapping them 4 meters underground for few hours.

- Civil Defense in Madina region involved in the matter and remove the soil within 2 hours, reaching the 2 Pakistani expatriates and pull them out safely.

- According to the official spokesperson of Madina Civil Defense, The two Pakistani expats are now in good health, however the inquiry on the incident is underway.

Two Pakistani Expats rescued after Trapped underground

Two Pakistani Expats rescued after Trapped underground

Jun 20, 2019

Hero prevents Fire disaster at Petrol station in Saudi Arabia

Hero prevents Fire disaster at Petrol station in Saudi Arabia

A petrol station caught fire in Yanbu city after a speeding car crashing into petrol pump, The incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday in the Madina Province of western Saudi Arabia.

No causalities were reported, The car driver lost control on his car, which rammed into the gas station dispensing machine causing the fire ball of flames.

- The video of the incident went viral on social media, Thanks to the quick thinking of a Saudi man, who put out the fire with the help of fire extinguisher. Soon after the other attendants joined him and removed a parked car away from fire.

- Soon after the viral video, The chairman and chief executive officer of Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company honored the employee with a certificate of appreciation by saying 'reflected the company's values that above all, protected the public's safety'.

- Courage, trust and the calm behavior of he man shows what a true hero is, he should be regarded as our country's hero commented one of the social media user.

Hero prevents Fire disaster at Petrol station in Saudi Arabia

Umrah Visa applications closed till the completion of Hajj 1440

Umrah Visa applications closed till the completion of Hajj 1440 (2019)

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Hajj and Umrah stopped receiving Umrah visa applications  till the completion of Hajj this year 1440 (2019). 

The ministry will resume receiving Umrah visa applications after the completion of Hajj from 15th Dhul Hijjah, which is 16th August 2019. Umrah visas will be issued in 5 days and will be for a period not exceeding a month.

- This year Saudi Arabia has issued more than 7.6 million Umrah visas out of which 7.39 million pilgrims arrived in the Kingdom. About 6.5 million pilgrims arrived by air, while 707 thousand pilgrims entered by land and 135 thousand arrived by sea.

- Pakistan pilgrims are the largest numbers about 1.65 million in this Umrah season, followed by Indonesians with 967 thousand pilgrims, Indian pilgrims in the third spot with 650 thousand, Egypt with 539 thousand pilgrims, Yemen (338,618), Turkey (321,494), Malaysia (278,674), Iraq with 277,571 and Jordan with 216,165 pilgrims.

- Developing Hajj and Umrah organisations and services is Saudi Arabia's government top priority, The Saudi Vision 2030 reform plan aims to bring 30 million Umrah pilgrims and provide them with excellent services and outstanding experience.

Umrah Visa applications closed till the completion of Hajj 1440

Saudi cities records highest Temperatures and more Humidity in the coming days

Saudi Cities records highest Temperatures, more Humidity in the coming days

Temperature soared in the Eastern regions of Saudi Arabia, Al Ahsa is the hottest city in the Kingdom as it recorded a maximum of 48 degree Celsius with a feel of 52 degree Celsius. See Also : Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia'a Abha airport

The weather department in the Kingdom listed 14 cities, which registered highest temperatures on Sunday. Hafar Al Batin recorded with a maximum of 47 degree Celsius followed by Dammam, Buraidah.

- Riyadh recorded 44 degree Celsius, Makkah with 42, Madina and Qunfudha with 41, ArAr and Yanbu with 40 degree Celsius. Bisha, Hail and Sakaka with 38 and 37 degrees. Recommend : Careem launches bus service in Jeddah

- The General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection (GAMEP) warned Saturday in its weather forecast highest temperature and more humidity in the coming days especially in the Eastern Province.

- Riyadh city which normally has dry weather may go as high as 48 degrees. The weather will be hot to extremely hot in the Eastern region extending from Eastern Province to Central region of Saudi Arabia said The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection.

- Authorities in Saudi Arabia already banned midday work from 12 noon to 3 PM from June 15 till September 15. The weather department calls people to remain indoors whether it be at home or in offices during the day time.

- Supermarkets in the eastern regions confirmed big increase in sales of bottled water, juices and soda. Various social organizations and business establishments have set up water coolers in some locations of the cities of Dammam, Jubail, Al Khobar and Al Ahsa. Read : Instant e-Visa in 3 minutes for Jeddah Season in Saudi Arabia

- Gusty winds are expected to kick dust and cause low visibility in the southern parts of the western coastal sea. After midday rain bearing thunderclouds are expected in some cities like Jizan, Asir and Al Baha.

- Surface winds in the Red sea are expected to be northerly with speeds ranging from 18 and 45 kph. Doctors warned against exposure to direct sunlight or hot weather during the day. Most Viewed : New rules on recruiting domestic workers in Saudi Arabia

- Doctors called public to take a lot of fluids so as to compensate the fluids lost by perspiration, especially workers working outside in the field.

Saudi cities records highest Temperatures and more Humidity in the coming days

Jun 17, 2019

Self Immigration Check counters at Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport

Self Immigration Check counters at Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport

Last year, King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh introduced 6 new KIOSK immigration machines on the right side to the old immigration counters for self immigration check. Trending : Makkah Clock Tower museum attracting worldwide Tourists

Steps to use new KIOSK immigration counter :

1. Select Language

2. Scan Passport, then your passport details with flight details will appear on the screen. Airlines check-in counters are synchronized with these new immigration KIOSK machines.

3. Take a picture

4. Then scan right hand four fingerprints

5. A slip will be given similar to boarding pass, small part of which will be torn by the immigration office for records.

- Note : Old immigration counters are also working, The officers are sending some people randomly to use new KIOSK immigration counters. See Also : Fines and deportation of expats on failing to renew iqamas on time

- For Kids below 5 years after passport scan, system will not ask them for fingerprints.

Self Immigration Check counters at Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport

Makkah Clock Tower's Museum attracts Worldwide Tourists

Makkh Clock Tower turns into Tourist attraction with its Museum

World's third tallest building 'Makkah Clock Tower' with globe's largest clock is now have a museum inside for the Muslim visitors on the top four floors of the building. Read : New moon sighting of Ramadan and Shawwal from Makkah's clock tower

The museum was designed to take the visitors on a tour of Universe, which will reveal how the people in olden days used to measure the time, how they used sun, moon and the galaxies for the purpose of measuring the time. See Also : Careem launches Bus service in Jeddah

- One floor is dedicated to the Sun and how the Moon and the earth revolve around it, another floor is dedicated to the time measurement, It is also filled with models and the structures on astronomy and galaxies as the authorities aim to attract more Muslim tourists to the Saudi Arabia.


- One of the floor is dedicated to the world's largest giant clock with each face measuring 43 by 43 meters, it weights about 36,000 tonnes. The clock is equipped with protection against rain, sandstorms and winds. See Also : A security officer carries elderly man up from stairs in Makkah

- The giant clock is covered by 100 million piece glass mosaic with 24 carat gold leaf. By night about 2 million LEDs illuminate the clock, making it visible till the distance of 8 km.

- The other floor is for a balcony view for the visitors, who can enjoy the panoramic view of the Grand Holy Mosque. The entrance fee is costing about 40$. Recommend : Fines and deportation of expats on failing to renew iqama on time

- The Makkah Clock Tower museum is run by MISK, a non-profit organisation headed by the Saudi Crown Prince 'Mohammad bin Salman'.


Houthi attack at Saudi Arabia's Abha Airport, 26 People injured

Houthi Missile attack at Saudi Arabia's Abha Airport, 26 injured

The Arab Coalition said Houthi rebels missile attacked Abha airport in Saudi Arabia Today leaving 26 people injured. Read : Saudi Arabia shoots down 2 missiles heading towards Makkah and Jeddah

Eight people injured at Abha airport were admitted to the hospital, the other 18 were discharged after receiving first aid reported Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

- A projectile hit the arrivals hall of airport, causing material damage. 3 women and 2 children were among the injured, among the injured Saudi nationals, Yemenis and Indian nationals are available said the Coalition.

- The Houthi rebels earlier said they launched a missile at Abha airport in Saudi Arabia's mountain resort city, which is 200 km far from Yemen border and the airport is serving domestic and regional routes.

- The attack of the Houthis injured 26 people. However, air traffic was currently running normally at the airport said Saudi Civil Aviation.


Fines and Deportation on Expats for failing to renew Iqama

Fines and Deportation of Expats for failing to renew Iqama before its Expiry date

The Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia warned expatriates on failure of renewing iqamas before its expiry date to result in punishments as per the rules and regulations including deportation to home country. See Also : Required documents for stamping family visit visa

If an expat caught with expired iqama, for the first time the fine will be 500 SR and for the second time fine will go up to 1000 SR, in case of third time expat will be deported to his or her home country reported Saudi Gazette.

- As per the regulations iqamas should renew before its expiry date at least 3 days before, Expiry date of Saudi resident id card can check through Absher or Muqeem e-Gate. One can also check it online by following this link 'Check expiry date of Saudi iqama online'.


Careem launches Bus service in Jeddah

Careem Launches its Bus service in Jeddah

Careem launched its bus service in Saudi Arabia with Jeddah as the first city for operations in the Kingdom. Initially this service is operated with 20 buses. Most Viewed : PIA passenger opened emergency exit door thinking its toilet door

The aim of the Careem bus service is to cater the daily commuters, The price per trip is going to cost 3 SR and 5 SR depending on the route. It will be 60 to 70% cheaper than Careem car service. Recommend : Sign Up for free ride of Careem in Saudi Arabia

- Careem bus service will be available between 7 AM to 8 PM, Initially this service will start with 13 seater air conditioned mini buses with stops at various landmarks of the city.

- For now the bus service will operate on 3 routes, Tahlia street loop, Prince Sultan Road north-south-north and Hira street east-west-east. Based on the customers feedback, the service will be added to more routes. See Also : No work under sun between June 15 to September announced Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia

- The app for Careem bus service is different from the Car service app and the app is available in both Android and iOS. Last month the Careem bus service launched between Jeddah and Makkah.

- Users can choose the pickup location and drop off location after which the option of picking the bus that suits their time, They can also track the bus when arriving at the location like Careem car app. Read : A Saudi and an Arab expat steals company safe in broad daylight

- Walk on passengers also can go through Careem bus without booking, Initially the payment option is only cash, later it will add wallet on the app or by registering the credit card.

- The Careem buses are provided in partnership with vendors who employ the drivers and pay them a fixed monthly salary, All the fares collected by the drivers is for Careem. Drivers to get their salary regardless of the number of trips.


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