Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, August 29, 2015

Procedure to Cancel Final Exit visa in Saudi Arabia

It is possible to cancel final exit visa in Saudi Arabia, If an employer and his employee (an expatriate) want to cancel final exit visa, due to any reason, then he should go through the following procedure.

If an expatriate left the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by final exit visa, Then he can come back to Saudi Arabia with new visa. 


If an expatriate leaving KSA on final exit, before he left, He should take care of some documents including Police clearance certificate which is mentioned in this article "Final Exit in Saudi Arabia". So that in future, he can able to go to any country.

Procedure to Cancel Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia :

1. Fill the final exit cancellation application form in Arabic, Which is available with the people who sits near Saudi Arabia Jawazat office. Are you wonder what is Jawazat read this "Saudi Arabia Jawazat".

2. Attest (sign and stamp) final exit cancellation application form from your employer who processed your visa for final exit.

3. A letter from your employer requesting Saudi Jawazat to cancel your final exit visa. This letter should be attested by Chamber of Commerce which is located in your employers city.

4. Your employer or his representative should be present with you to process your final exit visa cancellation.

5. If your Iqama expired, you need to pay a Iqama fee of every year for renewal. Check this article "Check Iqama Expiry date".

6. Two passport size white background photographs.

7. Photocopies of your Final exit visa, Iqama and Passport.

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