Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Don'ts for Expatriates Working and Living in Saudi Arabia

1. Do not work with anyone except your sponsor, even with the knowledge of your employer, it is illegal in Saudi Arabia and the violation will be punished with detention and deportation. See Also : Do's for expats working and living in Saudi Arabia

2. Do not strike work, form unions or associations, these activities are illegal in Saudi Arabia it will result in arrest, imprisonment and deportation. For more updates visit : Saudi Expats news

3. Do not sign any document or blank paper with out knowing whats written in it.

4. Do not give your passport or iqama copy to anyone or left anywhere, someone can misuse your identity without your knowledge. Trending : Absent from work is now automatic after exit re entry expired

5. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia, so do not consume or make or sell it.

6. Do not involve in drug consumption or peddling, punishments on it are severe including jail and death.

7. Never ever share or like any images or posts on social media which may be construed as blasphemous, offensive to religious or social sensitivities, critical of the political system, etc., Read : Update iqama info in AlBilad and Al Rajhi banks

8. Photography is a sensitive topic in Saudi Arabia, so avoid taking or posting photos or videos of streets, public places, women, government buildings, industrial areas, airports, police check points, etc., It could lead you to arrest, jail and deportation.

9. Never ever circulate videos of grievances relating to work in Kingdom on social media, as it violates the cyber and privacy law.

10. Do not overstay on your exit re entry visa, while on leave in your home country, you may banned from entering into Saudi Arabia and can be reported as huroob or absent from work

11. If your employer is not willing to renew your employment contract, do not overstay return to your home country on exit visa.


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