Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, July 5, 2017


As of now everyone knows that expatriates of Saudi Arabia living with family members have to pay dependent fee in advance before the renewal of Iqama, issuance of exit re entry and final exit visa. But there were confusions how much to pay for new born's and how much if you process final exit visa now. Trending : No Exit re Entry for family till you pay dependent fee

Jawazat people cleared the confusions of expatriates, People who are processing or want to process the final exit visa's for their family members or relatives have to pay dependent fee from 1st July 2017 till the expiry date of their final exit visa. As final exit visa has a validity of 60 days, You need to pay in advance up to that date, It is better if you pay 3 to 4 days more than that, So you cannot face any problem till your family go to your home country. Recommend : Dependent fee effected in Saudi from 1st July

- Even new born's are not exempted from dependent fee, Those expats children who newly born in Saudi Arabia on or after 1st July the dependent fee for them will be calculated based on their birth certificates and they should pay at the time of issuance of iqama, Similarly those families who newly entered in Saudi Arabia should pay at the time of issuance of iqama.

- Dependent fee is applicable for Expatriate wife or wives, sons (Below or Above 18), daughters (Below or Above 18), parents, wife's parents, house workers and drivers under the sponsorship of expatriate, who are working in commercial companies. Similar : Rumors of dependent fee cancellation

- This dependent fee is applicable for all nationalities expatriates including Yemenis and Syrians living in Saudi Arabia with their family members or dependents.

- All the local banks updated this fee from the day one under the section of government services or MOI services, Expatriates who want to inquire about the fee can check through their internet banking or ATM's. Most Viewed : Top Companies of Saudi Arabia for 2017

- The calculations of the dependent fee is based on your Iqama expiry date, It calculates each and every day fee till you want or till your iqama expiry date or in between the July 2017 to 2020.


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