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Extension of Family or Dependent Re-Entry in Saudi after visa expiry

Required documents and the procedure to follow in case of your dependent's exit re entry visa expired, while they are in there home country. You can also say it as extension of dependent reentry in Saudi Arabia after expiry of visa. New : Expats must submit iqama to Jawazat within 30 days of exit re entry expired

- Make sure your dependent iqama is not expired. As there is a chance to your dependent to come back to kingdom, If there iqama is still valid. Recommended : Check Iqama Expiry Date in

- Recheck the expiry date of exit re entry visa of your dependent, It is possible to re enter into Saudi Arabia within seven (7) months even after your dependent's exit re entry visa expired, In case of students it will be 13 months. Similar : Check Exit Re Entry Visa Validity


1. Visit nearest passport office or jawazat office and take family registration form, Fill it up in the form with all details of your all dependents. You May Like : Jawazat in Saudi Arabia

2. Once you filled up the document, You need to go to Abshir office which will be in another section of same Jawazat office and need to fill up another form there with all the details of your dependent's including expired date of exit re entry visa, At last you will give them to sign and stamp, This process is also known as Maloomatan Muqeem, After this you need to attest this form through Ministry Of Interior (MOI).


3. You need to get a letter from your sponsor or employer requesting MOI(Ministry Of Interior) to attest those documents which you got from the Jawazat office.

4. Now you need to write a letter to Saudi Embassy expressing you need to extend exit re entry of your dependent's. You can take a sample letter from the agent's near jawazat office or you can ask them to write for you.

5. In case of your dependent is student, He or she need to get a letter from his institution stating he is currently studying, A public notary attestation acceptable by Saudi Embassy should do for this certificate. See Also : Student Exit Re Entry Visa

6. After that you need to do Chamber Of Commerce (COC) and MOFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs) to all these documents from your employer registered city. Read Also : Chamber Of Commerce and MOFA Attestation

7. Hire an agent in your home country, Who will process your further things, Ask him is he need any more documents for submitting to Saudi Embassy of your home country.

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