Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, August 16, 2015

Expats in Saudi Arabia can now update or change their mobile number and email in Absher (Ministry Of Interior) MOI e-services. Mobile number is playing an important role, while you are signing in ministry website as you need to verify it while you are logging into MOI ministry website. 

If you lost your registered mobile number, it is hard to access to MOI absher e services. But you have an option to change your old mobile number to new one through Absher ATM machine, which is available at airport or Saudi Arabia Jawazat passport office. It is also possible to make new account with new mobile number.


You can use your user name and password and finger print to login to absher machine and then you can update your new mobile number. A guy will be there, near absher machine who will help you to do that.

If you have access to your old number then you can easily verify it while logging in through ministry website, Once you logged in you can update your new mobile number by following below method.

1. Go to Ministry Of Interior Saudi Arabia website, At the top right side, Enter your user name and password and click on "LOGIN".

2. Verify your mobile number by entering verification code which you got as sms on your mobile number.

3. Once you successfully logged in, you can see your picture, Be siding My Dashboard, Edit User Profile, Change Password and Logout options.

4. Click on Edit User profile, Now you can see a redirected page showing your details like Email, Mobile Number and Preferred Language with a button "EDIT".

Edit Mobile Number in MOI e services

5. Click on "EDIT', Now you can enter your new Email, new Mobile Number, select preferred language and then enter catchpa code from the above catchpa image.

Update Mobile number Email in MOI websie

6. Click on "SAVE". Now you updated successfully your new mobile number or new email.

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