Step by step registration procedure for residents who intend to do Hajj this year 2015 (1436) by Allah's permission.
- Low cost Hajj Fixed price (SR 3000/-)
- Reduced Hajj (SR 3000/- to SR 5250/-)
- General Hajj (SR 5893/- to SR 11890/-)

1. Visit Ministry Of Hajj website at http://localhaj.haj.gov.sa

2. Choose the language as you like Arabic or English.

3. Now you can see three options, Normal Fare, Low Fare and Muyassur including its detailed packages.

Hajj package for resident pilgrims

4. Choose anyone package as you like, Normal Fare, Low Fare, Muyassur. Click on the selected package button. You can redirected to a form which will ask you to enter Number of male pilgrims, Number of female pilgrims, then select your City and Package type. Click on Submit.
Registrations of Hajj 2015

5. Based on your selected city, List of companies will appear who are operating hajj services including its details like Camp code, Camp Category, Distance to Jamarat, Transport in Mashaer, Housing Furniture, Transportation, Food etc,.
Companies operating Hajj program
6. You can check all the services and prices they are offering for hajj program package by clicking "Details" below every operator company. You can also find a button of "Book".

7. Once you click "Book", You will find a form to enter your details like Mobile Number, Email, Name, Nationality, Iqama Number, Iqama Expiry Date, Iqama Issued City, Gender and Date of Birth.

8. Click on "Submit" to book your package. Once you submit, it will check your Hajj eligibility, Whether you did Hajj in the last 5 years or not, If you already did Hajj in the last five years, you will get an exception.

9. If you did not done hajj in the last five years, You will get SMS message, asking you to deposit the Hajj fee amount in the bank account of Hajj ministry.

10. Once you complete all the above procedure, SMS will be sent to you containing contract number and date.

11. Now again vist Hajj ministry website, Access and print the contract based from the SMS message you got.

12. Contact the offered company with documents(ID, Passport size photographs, Vaccination, Blood type, etc,.) of the contracted person. And this is in order to sign contract and to collect specific hajj permit.

The Ministry of Hajj has announced the date of registration on their internet portal for those resident pilgrims willing to perform Hajj in this year 1436, which will be from Sunday 16/08/2015 (1/11/1436) by 08:00am through its website http://localhaj.haj.gov.sa

Also, the ministry has warned against dealing with any company, no matter it is, and made it clear that the Internet portal is the only place for Hajj registration and payment of Hajj fee, to ensure that there is no price manipulation or its increment.

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  1. I need to make the payment but what is the bank name? Thanks.


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