Posted by : Aahil Shaik Feb 11, 2015


If a Saudi expatriate or his dependent (family member) want to go out of the Kingdom, then they can only go in one of the following visas.

Multiple Exit Re entry visa :

Generally employers will not give multiple exit re entry visa to employees until there is perfect reason, Because you can able to travel without your sponsor knowledge. However you can issue multiple exit re entry to your dependents or family members as you are the sponsor to them. It is better to have multiple exit re entry visa if you are a frequent traveler, As single exit re entry fee is SR 200/- for 60 days and extra SR 100 for each 30 days. Multiple exit re entry fee is SR 500/- for 3 months and SR 200/- for each additional month. With multiple exit re entry you can go out and comeback Saudi Arabia as many times as you can within the specified validity period.

- One can apply for multiple exit re entry visa for the maximum period of 3 years and a minimum period of one month.

- Once issued, You should travel within 3 months of issuance of multiple exit re entry visa.

- If multiple exit re entry visa is not used within 90 days from the date of issue, It must be cancelled before one week of its expiry date, else you will pay a penalty of SR 1000/-

- Cancellation Fee of multiple exit re entry visa is zero.

Required Documents :

1. Paid Bank Receipt of SR 500/- for 3 months multiple exit re entry. Now you can pay fee online by following this "Multiple exit re entry visa payment procedure".

2. Exit Re entry visa application form.

3. One Passport size photograph.

4. Passport and Iqama Copies.

Procedure to apply for Multiple Exit Re Entry Visa Saudi Arabia :

1. Fill the Multiple Exit re entry form in Arabic. Now you can apply multiple exit re entry visa online follow this "Issue multiple exit reentry online using MOI".

2. For Individual your employer should sign and submit it to jawazat. For dependents or family members you need to sign and submit to jawazat as you are sponsor to them.

3. You should mention the reason why you are applying for multiple exit re entry. Normally they will accept the reasons of Education and Medical how ever you need to submit certificate regarding it.

4. If everything clear, They will issue your multiple exit re entry visa.

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  1. assalamualaikm my wife is on visit visa in saudi i want make it permanent visa what is the procedure its possible or not possible and my profession is architect draftman plzzzzzzzzzzz reply my soooonnn


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