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Vacation and Leave policy as per Saudi Labor Law

Vacations, Holidays and leaves as per Saudi Labor Law for Saudi Expatriate workers working in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can also Refer English translated Saudi Labor Law.


As per Saudi Labor Law, Employees are allowed to have Twenty One (21) days paid annual vacation. If your employer's employee contract is less than this, You can request it to increase to 21 days.

If you are with same employer since 5 years you are entitled for 30 days paid annual vacation. If your employer is not following this, He is violating Saudi Labor Law (Article 109.1). However you can apply for vacation only after completing 2 years of employment with your current sponsor.

Every employee in Saudi Arabia should avail for vacation leave during the years it is due. If employee does not do so, Its employer decision to give him leaves for future years or forfeit the benefit.

Vacation and Leave Policy under Saudi Labor Law

An employee whose sickness has been proven is allowed to take 4 months sick leave from sponsor (Employer). As per this condition, Employer cannot terminate him from job or remove him from employee payroll. To apply this condition, Employee has to submit doctor certification stating the number of the days employee need to rest. Without doctor medical sick leave certificate, It is discretion of the employer.It is allowed to employee to add his annual vacation leave with the sick leaves. Implemented Yearly basis quota is as follows.

- First 30 Days, Fully PAID.
- Next 60 Days, 3/4 of Total Wages
- Next 30 Days, UNPAID.

As per Saudi Labor Law (Article 160), In case of death of Wife or any other blood relation (Father or Mother or Sister or Brother or Daughter or Son) employees are entitled for 5 Days paid leave (As per new amendments in SLL 2015, Earlier it was 3 Days). For female employees, She is entitled for 4 months 10 days Iddah leave.

If an employee is performing Hajj, He is allowed for 10 Days paid vacation. As one can perform Hajj only once in five years with same employer. Employee is required to complete 2 years with same employer to avail this benefit.

Employees can get 5 days(Updated Oct.2015, Earlier it was 3 Days) paid leave for marriage, Once in his tenure with employer. Suppose, If you request for two weeks marriage leave. Three Five days will deduct from marriage leave and remaining from your annual leave.

According to Saudi Labor Law (Article 151 to 156), A female employee is allowed 10 weeks vacation in case of delivery of child. Before delivery date, Four weeks for maternity vacation and 6 weeks vacation after delivery of child, which is fully paid. Probable delivery date shall be decided by the Doctor in written statement. Employer cannot terminate her or remove her from payroll of company. She can also add annual leave to the maternity leave if she wants, She can add extra one month leave which is unpaid, After 10 weeks of vacation. Employer should provide her one hour extra rest compare to other staff to feed her baby.

These vacations may or may not be fully paid. Decision is on number of years she worked with company quota as follows.
- FULLY PAID, 3 Years or More.
- HALF PAID, 1 Year or More
- UNPAID, Lessthan 1 Year.

Male employees can also avail of 1 day paid leave to attend to newborn child.
According to Saudi Labor Law ( Article 112), Employees are allowed to have 4 Days paid vacation, From 30th of Ramadan for Eid-ul-Fitr. And another 4 Days paid vacation, From 9th of Zil Hajj for Eid-ul-Adha.
Saudi Arabia National Day is celebrated on every 23rd of September. All employees are granted one day paid holiday for National Day of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NOTE FOR DOMESTIC WORKERS : Above mentioned leaves are not applied for Visas sponsored by Individual Saudis to work at home, Household Workers and Drivers. Domestic workers are entitle one month paid leave for 2 years and one day off every week.

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