Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, June 23, 2016


New expatriate engineers in Saudi Arabia has to go through mandatory exam or test and a personal interview in order to get a engineering job in kingdom, It is also compulsory to have a minimum of three years experience before you go to test revealed by the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE). The decision was taken after they found 1200 newly graduate expatriate engineers without any experience.

Newly graduated Saudi Arabia engineers will deserve these jobs more than new expatriate engineers. It is preferable to recruit those expatriate engineers who have good experience, which will benefit the country. By this fresh engineers of Saudi will get quick placement and a benefit of experience. Similar : Procedure to register in Saudi Council of Engineers

- While working on improving the quality of government projects, It is observed many companies hired 1200 fresh expatriate engineers, while more than 450 Saudi experienced engineers do not have a job. It will affect the quality of project and work, which will harm the Saudi economy and the projects of organization. See Also : Check Transfer Status

- Expat engineers will get iqama or muqeem card (residence permit) only after the verification of their certificates. We are coordinating with security agencies they will help us to stop the entry on fake degree engineers, After a personal interview and a qualification test only expat engineers will get residence permits. You May Like : Muqeem Resident Identity Card

- Expatriates whose professions are engineers and their work is different, should apply for change of professions on their iqama's or residence permits. Related : Iqama Profession Change

- Fresh graduates should go through a test on the principles and basis of engineering, Engineers who have 10 years of experience will go through a test for director post. Interesting Article : First time Iqama for New Expat


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