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Every Saudi expatriate engineer should register in Saudi Council of Engineers, if he came to Saudi Arabia on different profession visa. If your profession is different from engineer on your Iqama or visa then you should go through this process. If you are a Engineer and you are coming on new work visa to Saudi Arabia then it is better to come on your profession visa. As engineer profession allows you to bring your family in Visit or permanent.

Online procedure to Register in Saudi Council of Engineers :

1. Make sure your engineering degree is attested from Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture of your native country. It is explained in this article "Attest Certificates from Saudi Embassy".


2. Translate your attested engineering degree into Arabic from approved translator.

3. A Chamber of Commerce attested letter from your employer stating your Name, Iqama number, Salary, Joining Date and requesting for change of profession as engineer.

4. Scan all the documents mentioned below in .JPG format, As it is required to upload online in Saudi Council of Engineering website for registration.

- Picture (200x200 pixels)
- Passport copy
- Iqama copy
- Employment Letter
- Letter of Authorization
- Saudi Embassy attested Engineering Degree
- Engineering Mark sheet or Grade sheet (No need of attestation)
- CV
Register in Saudi Council of Engineers

5. Go to Saudi Council of Engineers website

6. Fill all the basic details, Upload your picture and the required documents. Verify your all details twice or thrice, then Submit.

7. After submitting you will get a registration number, Note it for your future reference.

8. After 3 days of submission online, Personally Visit to Saudi Council of Engineers office of your city with the registration number you have.

9. On your turn, they will check all your details, If everything is good, They will ask you to pay a fee of nearly SR 1250/- and will issue a Saudi Council of Engineers registration letter.

10. You need to mention, you want to change your iqama profession, Then he will issue a letter for change of profession to Ministry Of Labor and provide a copy of letter to you. To know the process of Profession change read this article "Change your Iqama Profession".

11. Give those letters to your company HR officer, He will take care of this things from there.

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