Every expatriate has a desire to bring there family into kingdom either it for visit or it for permanent. This article is describing about the Saudi permanent family visa process. It is very important to keep patience in the whole process as it is little long and difficult.

Required Documents for Saudi Permanent Famil Visa :

1. Suitable Iqama Profession (Family visa professions)
2. Attested Degree Certificates (Certificates Attestation)
2. Marriage Certificate attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Culture Office and Saudi Embassy in your home country.
3.Birth Certificate (For Children), attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Culture Office and Saudi Embassy in your home country.

4. Above documents translated in Arabic.


Saudi Permanent Family Visa Processing :

1. After getting these all documents, Get stamped on it from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia.

2. Request a letter from your sponsor to Jawazat to process your family visa, Attest it from Chamber of commerce of your employers city.

3. Take permanent family visa form from your company and fill it in Arabic, Attest it from your company and chamber of commerce of your employers city. (If you do not find this form, collect it from Isteqdam office).

4. Book an online appointment in Istiqdam from MOI, Submit a visa fee of 2000 SR through SADAD per family. Its good if you pay it online from your personal banking.

5. Visit Jawazat Office, Ask your company which Jawazat office you should go. Submit all required documents(mentioned above) including passport copies of all family people, Iqama copy and a letter from your employer attested by chamber of commerce. Collect a yellow slip (Visa) from there.

Once you got Visa (Yellow slip) you can send it to your home. Hire a specialized agent in your country for further process. You have one year (Hijri Year) time for stamping your visa, Once stamped, Should travel in 3 months.

Process after Arriving of your family in Saudi Arabia :

Take medical test of your family members, Submit the report to your HR department to apply for iqama to your family people. Now its done.

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    1. B-FORM (Foreign Office, Saudi Culture, Saudi Embassy)
    2. MARRISAGE CERTIFICATE (Foreign Office, Saudi Culture, Saudi Embassy)
    3. DEGREE (Higher Education, Foreign Office, Saudi Culture, Saudi Embassy)
    Get Translate All Above In Arabic From Approved Translator In Saudi Arabia.
    And Get Attested From MOFA Saudi Arabia.
    3RD STEP:
    Letter from your sponsor (COC attestation)
    Application form for family permanent visa (COC attestation)
    4TH STEP:
    Take Appointment From And Pay Fee 2000 Sr Online Through Your Personal Bank Account and Take Print Of the Slip.
    5th STEP:
    1. Letter from your sponsor (COC attestation)
    2. Application form for family permanent visa (COC attestation)
    3. Your degree (ARBIC + Copy Of Original)
    4. Your Iqama (copy)
    5. Your Passport (first page &Visa page)
    6. wife’s passport (copy)
    7. Your children’s passport(copy
    8. B-Form (Arabic translation +copy of original)
    9. Marriage certificate(Arabic translation +copy of original )
    10. Degree (Arabic translation +copy of original)
    1. Your degree
    2. Your Iqama
    3. Your Passport
    4. B-Form
    Go To Istiqdaam Office And Submit The Appointment Letter.
    Wait For Your Turn And They Will Call You By Name.
    Here Is Yellow Paper

    1. please be informed that Family visa applying dons't required any more ;
      no certificate
      no appointment
      no visiting the isteqdam office
      just need to visit the
      and in isteqdam tab-fill the application form and submit then it will generate the doc. take a print get the sponsor signatory and stamp then submit to Chamber of commerce,
      in the same way i received visa with in one minut approved/visa.
      this is happening since saudi govt. launch new rules.

      i received the visa in same day.

    2. Dear sayed amjad
      please tell me after getting family visa (permanent). what it needs attestation of certificate in india. what is the steps after getting family visa in india.

      do we have to attest chiled birth certificate, marriage certificate, polio certificate. to bring family to KSA in parmanent family visa.

      my name is shahid farooqui
      contact no. +966 593627227
      E- mail :

    3. To Mr. Sayed Amjad,
      Is it really true that by just logging in to and after submitting it to chamber of commerce you will receive the visa that day? without any appointment? pls explain further...

  2. What is the status of permanent family visa in ksa nowadays bec dere is no appointments avaliable online through maktab e istiqdam moi.

    1. Istiqdam Appointments are updated every week Sunday from 7am to 8am

  3. Dear

    No appointments available what is the solution please help.

    1. Try Sunday between 7.30 Am to 8am

    2. Dear

      From 7am to 8am sunday only? we can not get any other day?
      and if we try on sunday then the expected appointment available of what time? I mean of next week or after a month?????

      Please reply

    3. I came to know that, it opens on Sunday 7.30AM for next week appointments, with in half hour all next one week appointments will be booked.

  4. Mr.FMr.Farhan I m working in government organisation.Nobody tell us in ministry office about family visa fee.So this fee z for private candidates or it applies also on government employees...

  5. is it possible that GR process all actions their self without having my personal absher account? also please advise me how to get my family back in Kingdom early, because my son need to attend his school exams in month of June - recently I have changed my job and came back after final exit. now I need to bring my family back and timing is critical.

  6. no need for appointment now.....

    visa service is online now...

    go to moi website under istiqdam....

  7. After I got permanent family visa through online system how much time will I have to stamp the visa on the passport of my wife and what will be the time given to me after visa is stamped on passport as I am planning to bring my wife in October 2015 any sugestions

  8. Dear Syed, i applied permanent online and the request is approved with one visa no on moi. now what is the next step ?? some blogs mentioned that i have to follow the same visa no on MOFA. to check whether visa is issue or not. now what to do please if you could help since you are succeeded through the same.

  9. Thanks for this information, so many people wants this answer.

  10. Salam plz tell me tht my wife is here in saudi on visit... Can i aply for permanent visa in her presence??
    Secondly i dnt hav degree bt i m doing job here on basis of my diploma but in pakistan saudi embasy is nt atesting diploma certificat... Cn i get visa without degre?? Will they ask for degre here in saudi or in pak ?? Plz cnfirm this

  11. Salam..
    Plz tel me my wif is here in saudi on visit visa .. cn i get permanent visa in her presence or not??
    Secndly clear me tht in onlin system will they need degree or not for issuing visa (in pakistan or in jeddah)?? I m nt hvng degree. Thts y clear ths... N wethr


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