Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Experts warns against doing 'Special Exercise' before going to Sleep

Finding time to exercise is important, even with a busy daily schedule, but experts warn against doing a few kind of work out before bed, and specialists confirm that engaging in very intense exercise an hour and a half before going to bed may make sleeping more troublesome. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

This is based on a study published in October 2018, within the Journal Sports Medicine, showing that works out intense sleep within an hour of sleep time can negatively influence the ability of rest as well as it decrease the quality of sleep.

- Experts clarify that during hard exercise, the heart rate and body temperature rise, giving it a boost of energy and a stream of endorphins, and they recognize that these benefits are excellent for health in general, but they do not help sleep. See Also : Lack of sleep risks your health, including high blood pressure and diabetes

- "Exercise gives you a boost of energy through the hormone cortisol, which is excellent for expanding energy levels, but it's not especially good for sleep as it promotes wakefulness," explains sleep expert and neuroscientist Chelsea Rorship.

- He added that, if your exercise time is too close to bedtime, you risk extending cortisol levels in your blood, making it harder for you to asleep and stay asleep.

- Rorship explained that those who find it difficult to sleep after exercising hard before going to bed suffer from the term "runner's insomnia", in spite of the fact that the exercise are not limited to running. Read : 5 danger of eating just before sleep

- Experts recommend alternative low-impact exercises that do not affect sleep quality and do not increase heart rate and body temperature, such as Pilates, stretching and meditation, as well as light cardio, walking, riding a stationary bike, swimming and yoga.

Experts warns against doing 'Special Exercise' before going to Sleep -

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