Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Absher reveals the procedure to change Mobile Number

The Absher platform of the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia revealed the steps for changing the mobile number registered with it, stating that they differ as per the situation.

The Absher platform through its official Twitter account said that, there are three cases in order to change the mobile number registered with Absher. See Also : 3-Years ban for those who failed to return Saudi Arabia on exit re-entry visa

Absher reveals the procedure to change Mobile Number -

1. In case the old number is available with you and you can access your account by

* Logging into Absher platform, Verify OTP received on the registered number.

* From the top menu, Select "Update User Information" and click on 'Change Mobile Number'.

* A link will be sent to you on your registered number, by following it you can enter the required information and the new mobile number.

* Choose to save and verify the OTP from the New mobile number. Recommend : Procedure to check border number using Absher

Absher reveals the procedure to change Mobile Number -

2. In this case, your old registered number is not with you, as you lost or canceled this number and you cannot able to login to your Absher. To change mobile number follow the below steps.

* Visit the Absher Self-service devices available nearest to you.

* Choose to update the mobile number and complete the steps. See Also : Procedure to extend exit re-entry visa from outside Saudi Arabia

* Login to your Absher through the OTP sent to you on new mobile number.

3. In third case, if you have a mobile number registered through your identity, in this case

* You can visit Absher website, choose the change mobile number icon and then complete the required steps.

* The Absher platform highlighted the need for the mobile number to registered on the identity card, stating that the service is available to those under 75 years of age. Read : Conditions and steps to cancel exit re-entry visa and final exit visas

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