Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, June 5, 2022

3-Years ban for Expats who failed to return to Saudi Arabia on Exit Re-Entry visa

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia has restated that an expat who left the Kingdom on exit re-entry visa and failed to return within the specific period, that expat would be banned from entering into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 3 years. Breaking News : Saudi Arabia lifts 3-Years ban on those who failed to return on Re-Entry visa

The Jawazat confirmed that the employer must issue a new visa, if that expat did not return within the period specified in the exit re-entry visa.

- After 2 months of the expiry of exit re-entry visa, a status of "Exited and did not return" will be updated automatically for that expatriate and then to "Absent From Work". See Also : Banned expat can return to Saudi Arabia on these two types of visas

- Saudi Jawazat clarified that, there is no need to visit Jawazat office like earlier, for reporting expat left on exit re-entry and did not return.

- Jawazat further said that the period of the entry ban will be 3 years and it will be calculated from the date of expiry of the re-entry visa, based on Hijri calendar.

- The Passports department also said that this decision of banning from entering into Saudi Arabia for 3 years will not applicable on dependents and those accompanying them. Most Viewed : Pilgrims allowed to travel all over the Kingdom

- Regarding the departure of dependents and escorts of the expat, Jawazat said sons and daughters of expats who did not return, and continued to appear on Absher platform will be canceled and dropped from the list of dependents on the platform immediately after the end of the visa through Tawasul service of the Absher.

3-Years ban for Expats who failed to return to Saudi Arabia on Exit Re-Entry visa -

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