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29 Saudi Hospitals listed as the World's best hospitals for the Year 2022

For the first time on the American Magazine 'Newsweek', 29 Saudi hospitals were selected among the best hospitals in the world for the year 2022. According to the Magazine, this is part of a list of more than 2,000 hospitals from 27 countries around the world.

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Columbia have entered the list of best hospitals for the first time. The listing was done based on the views of 80,000 medical experts (Doctors, Hospital Administrators, Health Professionals) worldwide. The jury has also accessed details of the patient's opinions while judging the best hospitals.

- Of the selected 29 hospitals, 16 were among the best in the public sector, compared to 8 in the private sector and 5 from the military sector. Trending : 10 approved corona vaccines in Saudi Arabia for Hajj 2022

- The classification of ranking is based on several factors including, medical performance in hospitals, date regarding maintenance of hygiene, treatment service and patient safet and the date of the number of patients per doctor.

16 World's Best Saudi hospitals of the public sector :

1. King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (Riyadh).

2. King Abdulaziz Medical City (Riyadh)

3. King Abdullah Medical city Specialist Hospital (Makkah)

4. King Fahad Medical City (Riyadh)

5. King Saud Medical City (Riyadh)

6. King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (Jeddah)

7. King Abdulaziz Medical City (Jeddah) Most Viewed : Online visit visa for Umrah within 24 hours for individuals

8. King Khalid University Hospital (Riyadh)

9. King Fahad Hospital (Jeddah)

10. Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City (Riyadh)

11. King Abdullah Medical Complex (Jeddah)

12. King Salman Hospital (Riyadh)

13. King Abdulaziz University Hospital (Jeddah)

14. King Abdulaziz Hospital (Jeddah)

15. King Abdulaziz University Hospital (Riyadh)

16. King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz University Hospital (Riyadh)

8 World's best Saudi hospitals from the Private Sector :

1. Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (Jeddah)

2. International Medical Center Hospital (Jeddah)

3. Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group and the Arrayan Hospital (Riyadh)

4. Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (Dhahran)

5. Saudi German Hospital (Jeddah) See Also : Zamzam packages should not be allowed in baggage

6. Dr. Sulamina Al-Habib Hospital (Khobar)

7. Al Mouwasat Hospital (Dammam)

8. Saudi German Hospital (Dammam)

5 World's best Saudi hospitals in the Military Sector :

1. Prince Sultan Military Medical City (Riyadh)

2. King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital (Jeddah)

3. King Fahad Military Medical City (Dhahran)

4. King Abdulaziz Airbase Armed Forces Hospital (Dhahran)

5. Security Forces Hospital Program. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

29 Saudi Hospitals listed as the World's best hospitals for the Year 2022 -

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