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Procedure to extend Exit Re-Entry visa of an Expat domestic worker outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Absher platform in Saudi Arabia clarified the required steps in order to extend exit and re-entry visas of domestic workers.

This came in response to an inquiry on Twitter, In which a citizen asked, "I have a driver, who is late in returning, and it has been 4 months since the expiry of his 90 days exit re-entry visa, I cannot to find the visa extension on Absher, what is the Solution?".

The Absher through its official tweet said that this case requires the beneficiary (Citizen or Resident) to enter his account on the Absher Individuals (Afrad) account and follow the required below steps. See Also : Guide to extend exit return visa through Absher for those who are outside the Kingdom

In order to extend the Exit Re-Entry visa of the domestic worker, the sponsor must need to follow below steps :

1. Login to your Absher Individuals, Verify OTP.

2. Choose "Workers" and click on its 'Services' (Sponsorees services).

3. Open 'Visa Services' then select the resident Expat name, to whom you want to extend exit re-entry visa.

4. Click on 'More Details'.

5. Then click on 'Extend Exit and Re-Entry visa'.

Conditions for Extending Exit Re-Entry visa for Sponsorees workers outside Saudi Arabia :

1. Sponsor and Beneficiary status should not be dead or reported as absent or has Istiqdam violation.

2. Beneficiary should not be present in the Kingdom at the time of extending of Exit Re-Entry visa.

3. Return before date should be 7 days less than Iqama expiry date.

4. Iqama validity should be equal or greater than visa duration + 90 days, for duration in days option for Single Exit Re-Entry visa.

5. In case of 'Return Date option', the selected date is the last date of return to Saudi Arabia.

6. In case of any difference in Dates, Gregorian date will be considered.

7. Pay the fee of extending visa fee. Read : Procedure to extend family visit visa online through Absher

8. Visa cannot be extended for more than 180 days.

- Absher platform provides all the services of Ministry of Interior quickly, without need to go to service centers, this ensures beneficiary time and effort shortened. Citizens and Residents registered and activated on Absher who have domestic workers can benefit from the available services on the platform. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

Procedure to extend Exit Re-Entry visa of an Expat worker outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia -

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