Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Saudi Arabia allows Children of illegal resident Expats to enroll in Schools

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia announced that children of foreigners, who are residing in an illegal way, will be allowed to enroll in schools for the new academic year. See Also : Procedure to change Mobile Number in Absher

The Ministry of Education explained that schools should provide the parents of students residing illegally with admission forms and direct them to contact the offices of the emirates of the regions in which they reside to complete the necessary procedures and hand them admission form after being approved by the emirate shall be submitted to the school to register the student there. Read : Is it possible to enter into Saudi Arabia without getting corona vaccine?

- The Ministry asked education departments to provide the General Administration of Evaluation and Admission with a monthly report on the number of students accepted in each educational district.

- The terms and conditions specified in the enrollment form for those who do not have proper documents related to public education and those who reside the Kingdom illegally include the date of the student and his father and mother as per their passport, iqama, visit visa and the similar along with their permanent residence address and contact data.

- The guardian who do not have proper documents to get issued the necessary identity, should also submit and undertaking that he would correct his iqama during the academic year itself. Recommend : Saudi Arabia is the 3rd top destination for worldwide expats

Saudi Arabia allows Children of irregular resident Expats to enroll in Schools -

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