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Jeddah Jungle ticket price and timings for the visitors of Jeddah Season 2022

Jeddah Season 2022 continues to attract the visitors and residents since the beginning, One of the attractive zone in it is Jeddah Jungle, with more than 1,000 animals and rare species of birds.

Jeddah Jungle - Safari Game Drive :

Jeddah Jungle ticket price and timings for the visitors of Jeddah Season 2022 -

Safari Game Drive is offering one of a kind safari experience, traveling in a safari on tour in a bus or private jeep, where you will encounter 7 different kinds of wild cats, many predators as well as other exotic animals, get ready to be a part of the animal kingdom here.

* From 10th May to 24th June 2022

* From 11 AM to 5 PM

* Entry for below 2 years is Free.

* 150 SAR Ticket price on Safari bus including entry to the park.

* 2000 SAR for private safari trip of 4 people including entry to the park. Read : Saudi Census 2022

* Tickets can be booked at 

Jeddah Jungle - The Park :

The Park in Jeddah Jungle is a place for adventure lovers and thrill seekers, its a place where visitors get a change to engage in thrilling activities like bungee jumping, paintball, archery, karting and other exciting games like ziplines and more. You can also also snap a selfie with the friendly cute Asian elephants here.

* From 10th May to 24th June 2022

* From 11 AM to 9 PM

* Entry for below 2 years is Free

* Tickets can be booked at

Jeddah Jungle - The Farm :

Its a place with Farm animals and pet animals, feed them, play with them and have a good time in a beautifully breathtaking open area, it will be such an amazing experience with family and friends.

* From 10th May to 19th June 2022

* From 11 AM to 9 PM.

Jeddah Jungle - Paintball :

Add some colors to your day with a friendly paintball battle you are about to play.

Jeddah Jungle - Slide :

Excite to get to the highest point in Jeddah Jungle to enjoy the magical view from up there before you slide down the biggest slide. until 19th June.

Jeddah Jungle - The Aviary :

Get ready your camera after you go to The Aviary because it's the place where you see and interact with over 200 species of the rarest and most astonishing birds in the world, in several mixes of colors, with a unique and fun experience. Recommend : 4 professions where expat are banned to work

Elephant Enclosure :

The Elephant Garden in the middle of the Jeddah Jungle Park, where you can meet and interact with the famous and friendly elephants.

Zipline :

With zipline, let's fly above Jeddah Jungle Park, take your turn in the Zipline game and enjoy the best time of your life.

Karting :

Get ready to speed up to the finish line, we want to see you win the race, at Karting in Jeddah's Jungle Park.  Most Viewed : Times to visit Riyadhul Jannah in Madina

Taxidermy Museum :

Fascinating is the right word to describe Taxidermy Museum, with over 200 mummified animals, get prepared for an amazing experience.

Luca Land :

For all dog lovers, come and have fun playing with 50 charming sorts of friendly dogs, but do not disregard to appreciate the astounding tricks they can do.

Reptile Land :

Reptile Land may be a awesome put to see your top choice reptiles! That indeed incorporates uncommon ones such as the pale skinned albino crocodile. See Also : Extension of visit visa must be before its expiry - Jawazat

* All these activities are available from 11 AM to 9 PM until 19th June 2022 in the Jeddah Jungle Park.

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