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Al-Meezab is the smallest Piece of the Holy Kaaba, Made up of Pure Gold

Meezab-e-Rehmah is one of the most beautiful features of the Holy Kaaba, It is golden spout from where the rainwater on the roof of the Kaaba falls onto the Hijr Ismail. 'Meezab' in English makes 'Gutter (The edge of roof for carrying off rainwater)'. Meezab-e-Rehmah is the water outlet of mercy. See Also : Kiswah - The black cloth of the Holy Kaaba

Initially 'Meezab' was assembled by the Quraish tribe after constructing a roof for the Holy Kaaba for the first time and Its length is 258 cm. Meezab-e-Rehmah is available on the top of the Holy Kaaba between Rukn-e-Iraqi and Rukn-e-Shami.

- The current Meezab was handcrafted from pure gold and it is lined from the inside with thick pure silver under the rule of King Fahd, Meezab-e-Rehmat is the smalles piece of the Holy Kaaba. The dimensions of it are same as they were when the Ottoman Emperor Sultaan Abdul Majeed Khan renovated in the year 1273 AH, The Gutter (Meezab-e-Rehmat) of the Holy Kaaba was remodelled when the Kaaba was renovated in the year 1417 AH. Recommend : History of Golden and silver Kaaba doors over 5000 years

- The top of the Meezab is open with no lid on it, It is in the shape of a rectangle, In front of Meezab a piece of pure gold pendant moving forward and backward, it is called tongue or Al-Burqa.

- On the sides of the Meezab and its Al-Burqa the date of its work and its renewal is written in the beautiful one-third line, which is strong and durable, and the nails that are of pure silver were fixed, it was done by the jeweler Makki Sheikh Nasser. Read : Few interesting facts of Hajj

- It is noteworthy that the old gutter for the surface of the Holy Kaaba was replaced by another new, stronger and stronger, which is currently present with the same specification as the old 'Meezab', during the ruling of King Fahd bin AbdulAziz.

Meezab-e-Rehmah of the Holy Kaaba -

Meezab-e-Rehmah of the Holy Kaaba 1-

Meezab is the Smallest Piece of the Holy Kaaba, Made up of Pure Gold

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