Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, July 30, 2020

Few Uknown Interesting Facts about Hajj

Every year, the quota of Hajj pilgrims for each country depends on a ratio in relation to population, For the last year 2019, It is 1 for 1000 people. Related : Population wise country rankings
Mina in Makkah is a home to the largest city of tents in the world, that why its called a 'city of tents'. These tents accommodate millions of people, its tents are floored, plumbed and air conditioned. Similar : A simple and useful guide to Hajj pilgrimage

- Every year Hajj pilgrims walk 65 Km to perform for Hajj, This distance, a pilgrim have to cover for completing his Hajj pilgrimage.

- Do you know the Kaaba door is made up of 300 kg of pure gold and it was gifted by Saudi central bank (SAMA).

- New Kiswa replaces with year old Kiswa which covers Kaaba on the 2nd day of Hajj pilgrimage, Its old tradition, continuing from centuries.

- During Hajj pilgrims use colorful umbrellas to cool down.

- Hajj pilgrims throw pebbles (small stones) at the 3 pillars at Mina as part of the Hajj ritual called Jamarat, Here the 3 pillars represent the devil.

- Al Mashaaer train is a metro train in Makkah, which runs only 7 days in a year and is used as an exclusive shuttle train for pilgrims between holy sites in Makkah, Mount Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina.

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