Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, April 29, 2021

Qatar announces mandatory Quarantine for Travelers from six countries

Qatar announced new conditions on the entry of travelers coming to the country from 6 countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Nepal. As travelers arriving from these countries will have to go through a mandatory 10-days quarantine.

Qatar Airways said, as a result of the new requirements that require immediate implementation, "Discover Qatar", a tourism initiative launched by the Tourism Authority in the State of Qatar, announced the cancellation of all reservations made in advance for quarantine as part of the return packages to the country on April 29, regardless of which country they are flying from, all travelers with prior reservations will have to make the reservation again. Trending : No plan to impose Income Tax in Saudi Arabia - Crown Prince

- Qatar Airways in its statement said, all travelers will be able to fully refund the amounts after canceling reservations.

- Due to the increased demand for hotel rooms for quarantine, travelers may not be able to get reservations in the hotels they have booked in advance, as many hotels will be allocated to travelers from these six countries. Most Viewed : Kuwait to send Oxygen supplies and Relief Aid to India

Qatar announces mandatory Quarantine for Travelers from 6 countries -

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