Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, November 30, 2023

Neom announces "Siranna", a unique Tourism retreat (In Pictures)

NEOM's Board of Directors introduced "Siranna" on Wednesday. It is a private tourist retreat that will change the way people live in luxury as part of sustainable regional growth in northwest Saudi Arabia. Most Viewed : Check STC sawa balance and validity

Siranna, which is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, is the perfect example of elegance and innovation, giving a way of life that doesn't compromise.

- The very expensive spot will have a 65-room hotel and 35 private homes with views of the Red Sea that can't be beat.

- The hexagonal pillars that stick out of the land along the coast make a unique but beautiful design that goes well with the mountains and plants in the area.

- Guests will have to cross natural rock formations on their way to the opening, which can only be reached by water. Trending : Saudi Arabia to host World Expo 2030

- Siranna is designed to help people think of new ideas and relax. It offers a stylish place to get away from the noise of everyday life and meet people who share your interests.

- Signature beach clubs, spas, and state-of-the-art health centers offer the best ways to relax and unwind.

- Guests can walk or ride a horse along discovery tracks to see where the sea, mountains, and wadi meet.

- A wide range of sophisticated dining and entertainment choices ensures a complete and memorable experience. See Also : Experience certificate service for workers via Qiwa platform in Saudi Arabia

- The growth is based on the idea that people should not change nature too much and should protect the landscape using careful and thoughtful methods.

- The building pays respect to the area's history by blending in with the nearby mountain and wadi.

- Siranna is a great example of NEOM's dedication to making environmentally friendly outdoor places that encourage creativity while also offering the highest level of luxury hospitality.

- In line with NEOM's goals for conservation, Siranna will use environmentally friendly methods to go along with its coastal position. Read : Sindalah Island

- This news comes after recent events at Leyja and Epicon and fits in with NEOM's plan for long-term tourism in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Neom announces Siranna, a unique Tourism retreat -

Neom announces Siranna, a unique Tourism retreat -

Neom announces Siranna, a unique Tourism retreat -

Neom announces Siranna, a unique Tourism retreat -

Neom announces Siranna, a unique Tourism retreat -

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