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Saudi Arabia allows pets on Public Transportation, specifies Violations

The Transport General Authority (TGA) has said that people in Saudi Arabia can now bring their small pets on public transportation as long as they are in appropriate boxes and do not pose any safety threats. Trending : Makkah Bus service

The kingdom has set fines of up to 500 riyals for 55 violations as part of a detailed system that spells out the rights and duties of passengers who use public transportation.

- Few of the violations are carrying smelly or perishable items, not paying the fee, not following the Authority and carrier's directions, sleeping in restricted areas, and not showing a valid ticket when asked by the carrier's crew or inspectors.

- Individuals who board buses, trains, metros, or ships must follow the rules. The carrier has to keep a list of things that aren't allowed that has been approved by the Authority and make available it to passengers on board, at ticket sales offices, and through smart apps. Most Viewed : New rights of Passengers from GACA

Rights of disabled passengers : 

 Passengers who use transportation services, especially those who are disabled or have trouble moving around, have their rights protected at all times. People with disabilities and any companions they may have are eligible to services, such as free or cheap tickets, as decided by the Transport General Authority.

- Individuals who have disabilities or limited movement can ask a carrier employee or an infrastructure manager for help getting on or off a transportation system. These calls must be met by the carrier, who is required to help.

- To make things even better for disabled customers, the carrier must let them book two seats next to each other, one for the disabled person and the other for someone who needs to sit with them. Read : Saudi Arabia launches Experience certificate service in Qiwa platform

Passengers Rights : 

The rules also stress that passengers should be given clear information about their rights, such as how to file complaints and the officials that are in charge of handling them. People with disabilities and limited mobility should be able to easily get this kind of knowledge, even on electronic platforms.

- People who are blind or have low vision can bring approved service animals on board, as long as the animals don't bother other people or put the safety of the operation at risk. In situations of refusal, the carrier must let the passenger know about any other services that meet their needs that are available.

- The rules also cover things like a passenger's death or a medical issue that happens during the trip. The airline must call for help, work with emergency services, do what needs to be done for on-board rescue, and keep the passenger's bags and other items safe until they can be given to their family or the authorities. Recommend : Siranna - A unique Tourism escape in Neom

- The goal of these rules is to make sure that everyone in Saudi Arabia can use public transportation in a safe, easy, and welcoming way.

Saudi Arabia allows pets on Public Transportation, specifies Violations -

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