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Service Certificate for Private sector workers launched through Qiwa platform

Through the Qiwa platform, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia has made the "Service Certificate (Experience Certificate)" available to individuals who work in private sector. Trending : Saudi Arabia wins bid to host World Expo 2030 in Riyadh

Experience certificates will be easy to get from now on, without having to wait for companies to give them to you. The employee can download the service certificate from their individual account on the Qiwa website when their contract with the company that hired them ends.

- To show that you have knowledge while moving jobs to new companies, Experience certificates are often needed for people who work in the private sector. But for different reasons, some businesses don't want to give out service certificates. This issue is fixed by the Qiwa platform. Now this service is live, it can be quickly accessed through simple steps, without the companies permission.

- Workers in Saudi Arabia can use this certificate as an official record that can be shown to the appropriate parties to prove their work experience in private companies. Most Viewed : Delaying the salary of a worker is a violation of Saudi Labor Law

- When the employment relationship is ended, the Qiwa platform will let workers get their Service Certificate online through their Qiwa account.

- This process would make it much easier and better for the workers to show that they have experience.

- Through the Qiwa platform, MHRSD wants to improve the work environment, make it more stable, and bring it up to speed with the best global practices by using cutting-edge digital solutions to provide more than 130 automatic services for the private sector. Read : Lulu KSA is celebrating its 14th Anniversary with gifts and deals

- The MHRSD wants to provide all labor law services digitally through the Qiwa platform. This will help protect the rights of all parties to the contract and make the job market more stable and appealing in Saudi Arabia.

- Qiwa Electronic Platform is run by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development. Its goal is to protect the rights of both workers and companies and make the job market more stable and appealing. As part of Qiwa, the Ministry is trying to offer all services digitally. Qiwa platform provides services and solutions for Human Resources and Social Development growth, as well as better electronic services for workers.

- Qiwa also has a way to keep an eye on businesses that train Saudi workers for jobs as part of the process of "Saudization." Qiwa should share reports on training that was done by private businesses. It's for businesses with 50 or more workers. Training details should be added to Qiwa by the end of the year. In an order from Ahmed Alrajhi, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, it was said that if this wasn't done, they would have to face punishments like fines. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

Service Certificate for Private sector workers launched through Qiwa platform -

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