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4 basic requirements that indicate the regularity of Taxis - Saudi TGA

The Transport General Authority (TGA) in Saudi Arabia highlighted the importance of working with regular taxis who are dedicated to applying the standards and requirements of the regulations governing the activity of fares, fare brokers, routing, fulfilling the requirements and technical specifications specified for cars, and obtaining the necessary licenses to practice the activity in a way that raises the level of service quality in accordance with the highest standards. Join Saudi Expatriates instagram channel

The Transport General Authority through its official X (Twitter) account said that, there are 4 basic requirements that indicate the regularity of all taxis, which are the following.

1. The car carries a public transport (yellow) plate.

2. Presence of illuminated plate (Taxi). See Also : Fine for eating and smoking in a Taxi

3. Presence of License number and

4. The presence of Taxi (Ajrah) logo for rent and fare notice.

- The driver must use the electronic meter to calculate and collect the transportation fare.

- In accordance with the policy of regulating fares for using approved fare services, according to the Saudi TGA. Related : Uniforms for Taxi drivers

- The operating age of the vehicle should not exceed 5 years from the year of manufacture.

- The taxi should provide electronic payment methods.

- The vehicle tracking must be live and directly linked to Authority's "Naql" portal.

- Driver of the Taxi must maintain the privacy of the customers.

- Take care of the driver's general appearance and commitment to the uniform.

- Maintain the clealiness of the car from inside and outside.

- The Taxi must have unified identity and modern interior equipment.

- According to the Saudi TGA, accessing the site ( will allow you to receive all available permissions and licenses.

- It also allowed anyone who wants more information to visit the authority's official website ( or contact the Unified number (19929) for the latest regulations and standards. Most Viewed : Free trip for passenger, if the taxi meter is not operating

4 basic requirements that indicate the regularity of Taxis - Saudi TGA -

4 basic requirements that indicate the regularity of Taxis - Saudi TGA -

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