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Transport General Authority approves Uniforms for Taxi drivers and Passenger Transport application drivers

The Transport General Authority (TGA) announced the uniforms for drivers of public transport, airport taxi and private taxi, as well as to drivers of passenger transport applications, starting from 12th July 2022 (13 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1443).

This will be essential for practicing these activities as per the provisions of the regulations governing the activity of fare and taxi intermediaries and guidance. Trending : Taxi fares increased by 17%, Minimum charge for a trip set to 10 riyals

The approved special uniforms for Taxi and e-hailing applications drivers from 12th July 2022 in Saudi Arabia are

For Men : The male driver is obligated to wear the national dress or a shirt and a trouser.

Only Taxi drivers are obligated to : Wear a long sleeved gray shirt, a trouser and a black belt, In addition to the ID card.

* A jacket or a coat can be worn if needed.

For Women : The female driver is obligated to wear Abaya or a blouse and a trouser with a jacket or coat.

- The decision aims to improve the overall appearance, increase the quality of the services provided and alight with public decency regulations. Most Viewed : Free trip for passenger, when taxi meter is not operating

- The Transport General Authority further explained that adhering to the custom dress will contribute to strengthening the authority's development efforts aimed at raising the level of quality of services in transport activities in public and in taxi and guidance in particular, in a manner that also contributes to improving the general appearance and positive impression of these vital services and their direct connection with all segments of society.

- The authority confirmed that this comes within a set of stages of periodic and continuous updating and development on the activities and services of taxi transport and passenger transport applications, including the technical specifications of taxis, the requirement for the operating life of these vehicles.

- In addition to allowing electronic payment to the beneficiaries of these services, and the rest of the requirements contained in the regulation which takes into account all aspects of development and improvement. Read : New rules for entering into Makkah city, these are the 4 exceptions

- The authority confirmed its constant and continuous keenness to serve the beneficiaries and keep pace with their goals, and attempt to achieve the highest standards of quality and satisfaction rates among the users of transport services in Saudi Arabia.

- The TGA called on all employees and those interested in these services to visit its website to view the details of the approved uniform, and all other details, can can call the unified number 19929. Follow Saudi Expatriates

Saudi Arabia approves Uniforms for Taxi drivers and Passenger Transport app drivers -

Saudi Arabia approves Uniforms for Taxi drivers and Passenger Transport app drivers -

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