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This is the fine for Eating and Smoking in a Taxi, as per Transport Users Regulations

Along with the previously granted rights, the Regulation of the Rights and requirements of Users of Transportation Activities imposes a number of additional requirements on passengers. Join Saudi Expatriates on imo channel

The rules covered the requirement to abide by no eating or smoking inside the vehicle, not to cause a disturbance or damage any property, not to make repeated requests for the destination while traveling, and to treat everyone with respect, including the driver of the vehicle.

- Therefore, no intimidating or threatening behavior is permitted. Similarly, refraining from speaking with the driver after the journey is over unless such communication is intended to return whatever the passenger misplaced in the vehicle. See Also : Mandatory uniforms for Taxi drivers in Saudi Arabia

- The law included a variety of fines, such as those for revenue infractions and not paying the full fee for the trip, which is 200 Saudi riyals plus double the transportation fare. It also mentioned the 200 riyal fine for eating or smoking inside the taxi.

- Specifically, one of these requirements is that the passenger will be held legally responsible if he fails to pay the full amount in accordance with the meter reading or the application of the cars operating with the steering system, using any method of payment that the carrier makes accessible.

- The passenger must display the identity card to any workers or inspectors of the carrier who are in charge of overseeing the service, as well as to representatives of any other competent authorities. Recommend : Cost of transferring domestic workers services

- Carrying extra luggage or heavy items that can't fit in the trunk of the car is prohibited, according to Article 54. Additionally, no prohibited objects may be brought on board.

- The passenger shall abide by any limitations imposed by the Authority on the minimum age required to use the service, according to Article 55's usage limits. The passenger requesting the service and their companions are the only people permitted inside the vehicle. Similarly, family taxis operated by women must carry at least one other adult female passenger.

- The article stated that it is required to disclose any special requests or circumstances related to a passenger's need for a vehicle that can accommodate large items, such as a bicycle or other equipment, or for a trip in which pets are allowed, when the passenger is booking a trip. Most Viewed : Is it possible to transfer sponsorship, after final exit visa issued?

This is the fine for Eating and Smoking in a Taxi, as per Transport Users Regulations -

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