Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Mandatory Uniforms for Taxi drivers comes into force in Saudi Arabia

The decision of Saudi Arabia's Transport General Authority (TGA) came into force, it requires men and women taxi drivers in the Kingdom to wear uniform mandatorily, starting from 12th July 2022. Like and follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

Those who failed to wear uniform will be slapped with fine on violating the regulations. This decision enforces wearing uniform for the public taxi drivers, taxi routing service, guided vehicles service and taxi intermediaries.

- Earlier this, the authority announced that wearing uniform will be considered as main requirement for practicing the above activities as per the provisions of the regulations governing the activity of taxi and taxi intermediaries. Related : Uniforms for taxi drivers and passenger transport app drivers

- The authority also clarified that the drivers who will be obligated to wear the designated uniforms are public taxi drivers, airport taxi drivers, family taxi drivers, passenger transport apps drivers and private taxi drivers.

- The TGA confirmed that the compliance to wearing the uniform contributes in enhancing the authority's development efforts and will improve the quality of services in the transport activities.

- Obligating drivers to wear the uniforms aims to standardize and upgrade their general appearance in line with the public decorum regulations, as well as to increase the quality of services and to improve the customer's experience. Similar : A free trip for passenger, when taxi fare meter is not operating

- This decision comes within a set of stages of periodic and continuous updating and improvement in the activities and services of public taxis and passenger transport applications.

- In case of, taxi driver or the driver of passenger transport apps is not complying with the uniform regulations, then passengers can lodge a complaint by contacting over the unified call number 19929. See Also : Transport Authority launches Automated monitoring of taxi violations

Mandatory Uniforms for Taxi drivers comes into force in Saudi Arabia -

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