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Witness the nearest Giant Full Moon of the Year 2022

The Sky of Arab world to witness the full of the Dhu Al-Hijjah moon, which will be the 3rd giant full moon and the closest for this year 2022 and it will seen all night long. Read : Saudi Arabia tops in Arab world in terms of number of satellites

According to the head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Eng. Majid Abu Zahra, the moon will arrive at 12:05 PM (Makkah Time) to its closest point to Earth for this year 2022, and it will be at a distance of 357,263 kilometers.

- Abu Zahra continued stating that, the giant full moon will rise from the southeastern horizon with sunset, and it will be noticed that, its apparent size is large during its rising when it is near the horizon and this is just an optical illusion that occurs in the middle of each lunar month, after its rise in the sky returns to its usual size. Read : Oxygen on moon's surface is enough for 8 billion people for 100,000 years

- He added that, The moon will reach the moment of fullness at 09:37 PM (Makkah Time) and it will cut half of its orbit around the Earth during the month, after 9 hours and 38 minutes from its arrival at the preigee and this synchronization will make its apparent size 14% larger and brighter. By 30% compared to the smallest full moon when it is at aphelion after its point from Earth.

- The name of the Giant full moon is the Full Moon and the scientific designation is badr perigee, which means the moon reaches to the closest point of the earth, when the distance between the center of the moon and the center of the earth is within 362,146 kilometers. See Also : Scientists monitor Earth is spinning faster and warns of its effects

- This time of the month is ideal for seeing the radioactive craters on the moon's surface through binoculars or a small telescope. During the coming nights, the moon will rise an hour later every day, and after a few days it will be only visible in the dawn and early morning sky.

Witness the nearest Giant Full Moon of the Year 2022 -

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