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Scientists monitor Earth is spinning Faster and warns of its Effects

Britain's national physicists have found that the Earth is spinning faster than it did 50 years ago, Which may force scientists to take emergency action.

If the Earth continues to speeding up, scientists say that they may have to remove one second from the atomic clock, which is known to be the global time controller.

- As the Earth's rotation is increasing, UK National Physical Laboratory scientist, Peter Webberley has warned the need for a negative leap second increase. See Also : Oxygen on Moon's surface is enough for 8 billion people for 100,000 years

- A day on Earth has 86,400 seconds, but the rotation is not regular, which means that over the course of a year, each day contains a fraction of second more or less.

- This is due to the motion of the Earth's core, oceans, and atmosphere, as well as the pull of the moon. The atomic clock is very accurate, and measures time by the movement of electrons in atoms that have been cooled to absolute zero.

- So, in order to keep the atomic clock in line with number of seconds in the Earth's rotation, leap seconds have been added every 18 months or since 1972.

- There has never been a negative leap second, the removal of a second from the atomic clock, and a system designed to make that work have never been tested.

- Millions of years ago, the Earth rotated about 420 times in a year, but now this number decreased to 365 times. Recommend : Jeddah to Makkah in 5 minutes with a Hyperloop technology

- Sometimes the speed of rotation differs slightly, affecting the atomic clock, which may require the addition of leap seconds when the Earth is moving a litter faster.

- The idea of a negative leap second only appeared last year, and the idea arose last year, when the rotation began to accelerate, but that has slowed again since then, The average day in the year 2021 was 0.39 milliseconds lower than in the year 2020.

- No leap second has been added to the atomic clock since 2016, and as the Earth was accelerating again, it began decelerating again in 2021.

- The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service is responsible for tracking how speed the Earth spins, and it can be done by sending laser beams to satellites and using that to measure their movement. Read : Saudi Arabia ranks 7th in worldwide in internet speed and 5G network coverage

- This lack of the need for leap seconds was not predicted, it was assumed Earth would continue to slow down, 'so this effect, is very surprising.' How long the speed and slowing trend continues might require scientists to take further action, but it is yet unclear what that might be.

- 'There is this concern at the moment that if world's rotation rate increases further that we might need to have what's called a negative leap second,' Whibberley told.

- 'In other words, instead of inserting an extra second to allow Earth to catch up, we have to take out a second from the atomic timescale to bring it back into state with Earth.' Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

Scientists monitor Earth is spinning Faster and warns of its Effects -

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