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Robots distributing Holy Quran and books inside the Makkah Grand Mosque

The official spokesperson for the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques, Hani Haider confirmed that 3 million packages of Zamzam water were distributed, harnessing the modern technologies to serve the Guests of Rahman.

A robot distributing the Holy Quran and books inside the Grand Mosque, which works with a triple sensor to avoid collision and an intelligent navigation system that supports manual and automatic locating. Similar : A new service with 1800 modern electric vehicles to help pilgrims

Hani Haider added that, The carts that were intended for the elderly people reached 8,000 including manual and electric carts, they worked around the clock and the service for answering questions was provided in 23 languages.

- He said that the Grand Mosque is sterilized on a daily basis through more than 80,000 liters of sterilizers and more than 25,000 Zamzam water containers were distributed and 3 million Zamzam water bottles distributed. Related : Guiding robots at Grand Mosque to answer pilgrims questions

- Harnessing modern technologies to serve the pilgrims and the use of smart robots contributed to the success of the operational plan for this year's Hajj, Hani Haider added.

- The Director General Department of Data and Artificial Intelligence, Engineer Ayed Al-Majnouni explained that the robot, which is supervised by the Agency for Technical Affairs, Digital Transformations and Artificial Intelligence, is one of the latest technologies in the field of robotics that provides distribution service of Holy Quran and books, Automatic navigation and it also contains 4 shelves that weights up to 40 kg. Read : King Salman to gift one million copies of Holy Quran to pilgrims and Hajj workers

- The Director of the Department of Artificial Intelligence, Engineer Bandar Imam, stated that the robot works in large places and spaces, and its service reaches 24 hours without a break, pointing out that the robot has four shelves to carry heavy weights, and is characterized by an intelligent interaction that allows it to know its path.

- Its use is through interactive touch and interactive response, and the battery works continuously for (24) hours with the possibility of being exchanged, and it has a sensor box through which the time and duration of delivery can be realistically determined, and it has more than one camera to locate places accurately, with the feature of infrared work, also a laser radar designed for high-accuracy positioning, and a system (smart suspension or brakes) with high efficiency to avoid shocks with inanimate and moving objects.

- Convoys of pilgrims began arriving in Madina during the past few days, to visits the historical and archaeological sites amid an integrated system between all government and private service sectors to provide the best service to pilgrims. Most Viewed : Jeddah Airport allows shipping of Zamzam packages for pilgrims

Robots distributing Holy Quran and books inside the Makkah Grand Mosque -

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