Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, July 10, 2022

Jeddah Airport allows shipping Zamzam packages for Pilgrims from Travel halls

Jeddah's King Abdulaziz International Airport announced the possibility of shipping Zamzam packages for pilgrims returning to their home countries through international flights from various travel halls. See Also : Rights of the employees upon termination of unlimited contract

The pilgrim is allowed to purchase only one package of Zamzam from one of the points of sale in the airport halls, belts have been designated for shipping Zamzam packages are not shipped within other luggage.

- In the next phase, the airport is preparing to broadcast awareness and educational messages through all media, and to deliver them to the pilgrims while they are in their places of residence in the Holy sites, in order to make sure the information reach and raise awareness of the instructions for shipping luggage inside the airport. Read : 899,353 pilgrims performed Hajj rituals this year

- This will be through paper and electronic newspapers, social networking sites, translation of contents and awareness messages, in addition to the text messages regarding baggage shipment and the most important tips related to it, and awareness messages provided for shipping Zamzam packages to pilgrims.

- The Jeddah's international airport launched an awareness campaign as part of "Your Service is Our Honor" initiative launched by Airports holding across all the Kingdom's airports, in co-occurrence with the Hajj season and the Summer vacation and not to put liquids inside the baggage, or tie the bags with ropes that may lead to failure of their shipment.

- Through its operational plan, King Abdulaziz International Airport focuses on transporting and shipping baggage during the farewell phase of passengers, in order to ensure the flow of work and its organization within the airport halls.

- Which contributes to accelerating the procedures for grouping pilgrims in the departure phase, with the airport management's keenness to ease and facilitate the departure phase of the pilgrims in cooperation with the Government, Security and Operational entities inside the airport. May the pilgrims departing by air from city of Jeddah return inside or outside the Kingdom in safety, security, smoothness and reassurance.

Jeddah Airport allows shipping Zamzam packages for Pilgrims from Travel halls -

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