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What is Eid Al Adha (Bakrid) & How to Celebrate it

Eid Al Adha falls on 10th of Dhu Al Hijjah month every year, This year it falls on 9th July in Saudi Arabia, It is one of the 2 major festivals in Islam, It is also known as festival of sacrifice. Recommend : Things to do before Eid

Eid Al Adha marks the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son out of faith in Allah. Eid Al Adha is subjected to the appearance of the moon, so why it may varies from country to country. Related : Completion of Automatic Extension of Exit Re-Entry visas for Expats outside Saudi Arabia

- Celebration of Eid Al Adha is same across the world, A day of Eid begins with Eid prayer just after the regular Fajar or morning prayer.

- It is obligatory for men and women to be performed Eid prayer in congregation. It is held in mosques and large grounds known as Eidgah. This year it is going to be different due to the Corona virus restrictions and this year prayers in open ground are restricted in Saudi Arabia.

- Eid wishes are exchanged between family members, friends and other Muslims. The celebration of Eid Al Adha can last up to 3 days. See Also : Extending of Validity of visit visas for 3 months for Free

- It is customary to wear new clothes or best clothes you have on Eid day and to prepare a variety of dishes. In Asian countries elder people gives Eidi to children as a goodwill, Muslims all over the world visit to their friends and relatives in order to exchange Eid greeting.

What is Eid Al Adha and How do Muslims Celebrate it -

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