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Where do Snowfalls in Saudi Arabia? and  Snow fall in Makkah is a fake and edited video

Saudi authorities denied the wide circulating video of Snow fall in Makkah, the National Centre of Meteorology in Saudi Arabia said that, Makkah snow fall video is fake and it is edited with special effects. Watch snow falls in Makkah as Story

Is it true that Snow fall in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, in some parts of Saudi Arabia there is snow fall, but for majority of the population including Saudi citizens and resident expatriates, this is an extraordinary event, which allows many activities like riding camels, exploring Kingdom's stunning landscapes, as well as spending time between hiking or skiing ice. Read : Tourists and visitors must comply with 7 conditions in Saudi Arabia

Where do Snow falls in Saudi Arabia?

1. Snow fall in Abha :

Abha is also called as city of clouds, it is located on the mountains of the Asir region in the southwestern side of the Kingdom and in winter snow falls on it, which makes it a destination of hosting festivals, exhibitions, shows and sports events on the ice.

2. Snow fall in Tabuk :

Parts of the Tabuk region are normal to snowfall every year, specifically on most of the mountains of Markaz Al-Lawz and the areas that have been enriched by snow are more beautiful than their natural beauty. These are the tourist destinations for the people of Tabuk and its visitors who come from various regions to witness the snow, and enjoy the beauty and greatness of this place.

3. Snow fall in the Northern borders :

Northern border region witness heavy snow falls in several centers, mostly in ArAr, Sulaymaniyah, Al-Aweqila and the city of Turaif, which records the lowest temperatures in the Arab region. Recommend : Saudi Arabia's Nusuk platform to obtain Umrah visa and visit visa online from all over the world

- Most of the travelers come to this city during winter season to enjoy the beauty spread across the region, including visiting various historical villages, castles and snow slide.

Why do Snow falls mostly on mountains?

The potential of snow on mountains depends on two factors, first is the area's elevation above sea level and the second is the area's distance from the equator, as per scienceabc. So the higher the elevation of an area, the higher the probability of regular snowfall and similarly, the greater the distance from the equator, the higher the chances of snowfall in that area.

- For snow to fall, moisture must be present in the atmosphere and it also depends on temperature, but not necessarily the temperature we feel on the ground. See Also : GCC residents can apply for Saudi e-visa online for Tourism and Umrah

Where do Snowfalls in Saudi Arabia and  Snow fall in Makkah is a fake and edited video -

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