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Nusuk platform allows obtaining Umrah and Visit visas online from all over the World

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia launched the unified government platform "", which will be the new Saudi website for visitors of Makkah and Madina, with the aim of developing the experience of pilgrims and easing the procedures for their arrival from all over the world, as part of the initiatives of the "Guests of the Most Merciful" program, one of the program of Saudi Vision 2030. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on imo messenger

Nusuk platform will allow obtaining Umrah and visit visas online, pointing out that they aim to make it easy to reach the Two Holy Mosques from outside Saudi Arabia.

- Nusuk provides a wide range of services and information to pilgrims and visitors that allows them to perform Umrah rituals easily and comfortably and contribute in raising the level of quality of services provided and enriching their religious and cultural experience, in order to achieve the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030. Trending : Saudi Arabia sets online Umrah visa procedure for foreign pilgrims

- Nusuk platform is launched in cooperation and partnership with the Saudi Tourism Authority, as it is linked to the services provided on the "Spirit of Saudi Arabia" with the aim of enriching the journey of the Guest of Rahman and facilitating reservation and communication procedures to provide various packages and programs to improve the experience of those who go to Makkah and Madina.

- platform allows those wishing to perform Umrah or visit to issue the necessary visas and permits and book packages and programs online, in addition to a range of other services that will be provided later, including interactive maps, a calendar dedicated to offers and activities, an online guide for all instructions in several languages, and health information and services, as well as allowing service providers to offer their services online to pilgrims and visitors.

- The Maqam platform will continue to allow the design of Umrah service programs until it is ensured that all its services will be transferred to Nusuk at a later stage. Most Viewed : Umrah pilgrims now can enter into Saudi Arabia through any of its airports

- The Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah explained that the Nusuk platform is an extension of the continuous efforts to improve the quality of services provided to pilgrims using the latest technologies and in integration with several government agencies to facilitate and ease procedures and the performance of pilgrims and visitors for their rituals with confidence, ease and with the aim of enriching their faith journey.

- The Minister of Tourism, Mr. Ahmed bin Aqil Al-Khatib highlighted that the importance of Nusuk comeRecommend : s within the framework of cooperation and integration between the authority and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah under the umbrella of the program to serve the guests of Rahman, to achieve the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, which is to facilitate Umrah procedures and providing the best services to the pilgrims. All types of Saudi visa holders can perform Umrah after obtaining Umrah permit

Nusuk platform allows obtaining Umrah and Visit visas online from all over the World -

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