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All types of Visa holders of Saudi Arabia can perform Umrah, by issuing permit through Eatmarna

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Affairs in Saudi Arabia, Abdul Rahman Shams gave good news to those who wish to perform Umrah from outside the Kingdom. Read : Saudi Arabia drops host Umrah scheme

During an interview, Abdul Rahman said that it was decided to make Umrah available to Tourist visa, Commercial visa or Work visa holders or those who hold any type of visa of the Kingdom, as per the procedures set through the Eatmarna application.

- He added that, this decision is in line to achieve Saudi Vision 2030 with the aim of reaching 30 million pilgrims annually by the year 2030. Trending : Haram is not crowded during the month of Muharram, those who wish to perform can book permit

- The Director General of the General Department of Hajj and Umrah at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Sari Asiri advises a number of health guidelines for pilgrims.

- Asiri said that the elderly people and those with chronic diseases from the pilgrims abroad should consult the attending physician before traveling.

- He added that, it is necessary to take into account the adherence to the vaccinations and vaccines recommended for all, which are the vaccination of corona, influenza and meningitis. Most Viewed : Procedure to apply for family visit visa of Saudi Arabia online 

- Asiri highlighted the need to assess the health status of pilgrims coming from abroad with chronic diseases, carry the necessary medicines for them and follow up their health while they are in Makkah and Madina.

- Saudi Arabia has prepared practical measures to allow the pilgrims to perform Umrah for tourist visa holders of 49 countries. The new decision allows tourist visa holders to perform Umrah during their stay in the Kingdom.

- The new regulations also create the possibility of obtaining a tourist visa to visit Saudi cities and regions to be valid for a period of 12 months upon arrival at Kingdom airports without the need of prior application.

All types of Visa holders of Saudi Arabia can perform Umrah, by issuing permit through Eatmarna -

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