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Friendly Settlements recovers 66 million Riyals in Financial dues on settling over 6000 cases

The Friendly Settlement Department of Labor Office under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Riyadh region was able to recover financial due of 66 million Saudi riyals, owed to workers in the private sector. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on imo

The Director General of Ministry's branch, Dr. Mohammed Al-Harbi said that the amounts were recovered after settling more than 6,000 labor cases through forging reconciliations between workers and employers in the settlement sessions that were taken place remotely, according to a report of Saudi Gazette.

- These settlements included different types of labor cases like disputes related to labor contracts, salaries, work injuries and disputes consequent to dismissal from work, and other disputes arising from the application of the Saudi Labor Law and its regulations. Recommend : Acts and indicators of forced labor and trafficking in persons

- The Friendly Settlement is a digital platform for settling labor disputes. It is one of the initiative from National Transformation Program with the aim of improve working conditions of expat workers.

- Previously, the friendly settlement was done manually through the parties to the lawsuit, submission and attendance of sessions in public offices, but now this service is fully automated around the clock.

- In the year 2018, the Ministry of Justice had unveiled a new procedure in which labor offices across the country would have a time of 21 days to amicably settle labor disputes. If no settlement is reached within 21 days, then labor offices should digitally submit the case to the labor courts. Read : No work permits for newly hired workers for Yellow nitaqat status companies

- The ministry sets labor cases in 3 categories,

1. Employee and Employer dispute

2. Cases concerning Domestic Workers and

3. Complaints of both Workers and Employers against the decision taken by the GOSI pertaining to subscription, registration and compensation. See Also : 18 professions in which expats are prohibited to work in Saudi Arabia

Friendly Settlements recovers 66 million Riyals in Financial dues on settling over 6000 cases -

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