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Jawazat clarifications on Entry into Saudi Arabia after Exit Re-Entry visa expires

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia provides Exit Re-Entry visas for resident expatriates and worker, but with specific rules, Jawazat set conditions and violations for all violators of exit re-entry visa controls. Download Saudi Expatriates app on Android phones for updates

Entry into Saudi Arabia after Exit Re-Entry visa Expired :

Saudi Jawazat reveals the instructions regarding Exit Re-Entry visa controls, those who exits Saudi Arabia and has not returned, his or her entry is prohibited for a period of 3 years, but he can return to his previous employer on a new visa during this period, the period calculation starts from the date of exit r-entry visa expiry, as per the Hijri calendar. Similar : Worker's data will be permanently deleted, if an expat worker failed to return on exit re-entry visa

This came in response from Jawazat to a question, "I left Saudi Arabia on exit re-entry, due to emergency circumstances, I could not return before the exit re-entry visa expiry and now it has been more than 3 years, can I enter into Saudi Arabia with new work visa"?

Validity of Exit Re-Entry visas of resident Expatriates :

Saudi Jawazat received a query on its official Twitter handle stating, "When does a single exit re-entry visa of an expat count for 30 days? Is it from the date of issue or from the date of travel, stating that it was written return before"? Read : 3-years ban from entry into Saudi Arabia for expatriates who failed to return

- Responding the query, Jawazat confirmed that the duration of the exit re-entry visas, if they are specified in months like 60 days, 90 days or 120 days, is valid for 3 months for travel from the date of issuance and the duration of the visa is calculated from the date of travel. But, if it is specified in days or Return Before, then it is calculated from the date of issuance.

- Saudi Jawazat stated that, through the Absher platform, it is possible to inquire about the validity of the Exit Re-Entry visa and all its details online. See Also : Check exit re-entry visa status online using Muqeem

Jawazat clarifications on Entry into Saudi Arabia after Exit Re-Entry visa expires -

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