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Two reasons behind your Weight gain after the age of 40, these are the Tips from a specialist for them

Many people after the age of 40 years begin to gain weight, this is because of two factors said a Russian endocrinologist, he explained that there are ways to resist these negative changes. See Also : A simple method that can extends human life - A scientific study

During an interview with Sputnik, Dr. Yekaterina Kazachkova highlighted that the reason for weight gain after the age of 40 years is due to 2 factors, which are

* Decrease in the level of sex hormones in the body.

* Change in lifestyle. Read : 6 health problems affects fast food lovers

- She added that, "The level of sex hormones begins to decline after the age of 40 and this is the main reason for weight gain. Due to decrease in the level of these hormones, the desire to eat more food appears, which leads to the transformation of excess energy into fats that store in the body".

- She continued and said, "The second reason is the more moderate lifestyle than the pervious one", as per the report of Russia Today.

- Dr. Yekaterina continued stating, "The second reasons lies in the decrease in physical activity, as after the age of 40 years, we spend most of the time at home and our physical activity decreases and our movement decreases. This means that we burn less fat stored in the body". Recommend : Walking on beach burns 50% more calories

- The specialist suggested that all those who are over the age of 40 years to exercise more than those in their thirties, periodically and regularly, in order to burn the accumulated fat and strengthen the muscles. For physiological reasons, a person loses 1% of their muscle structure each year.

2 reasons behind your Weight gain after the age of 40 , Tips from specialist -

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