Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, May 8, 2021

Scientists identify a simple Method that can extend Human Life

A new American study reports that regular walking plays an important role in the appearance of life, explaining that daily walking can also contribute to avoiding many health problems.

A team of scientists from the National Cancer Institute and the Institute of Aging in the United States, after a 3 year study in which people over the age of 40 were monitored, concluded that daily walking plays a role in extending life. Trending : Tawakkalna clarifies the position of Immunized travelers, while return to Saudi Arabia

- To confirm the hypothesis, the scientists divided the people who were subjected to the study into 3 sections, according to the distance traveled each day by walking. In the first group, people took at least 4,000 steps a day, in the second 8,000, and in the third 12,000 steps.

- After examining and processing the data, the scientists found that the people of the second group had a 51% reduction in death rates, and the third group 65%, according to Zvezda.

- - Some studies had previously advised the necessity of exercising and continuation exercises in the first half of the day, and according to the statements of fitness trainer, Nikita Scribink, by the time 9 AM in the morning the production of testosterone begins in the body, which contributes to the effectiveness of exercises. See Also : Localization of Educational jobs in Private and International schools

Scientists identify a simple Method that can extend Human Life -

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