Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Study reveals Walking on Beach burns 50% more Calories

A study conducted by the University of Berkeley confirmed that walking on moderate density beach sand can be better than jogging, and the body loses 50% more calories.

Walking for 30 minutes a day at a quick speed can burn more calories than jogging at a continuous speed, and it is an effective exercise to help slim the abdomen and body confirms the study.

- The study also showed that walking on the beach has not only a physical but also psychological benefit, as it helps to relax and most important it reduce the stress levels. See Also : 9 benefits of physical activity on Human body

- The study reveals that, walking on sand requires more effort than walking on a hard surface, so it helps muscles and muscle tissues work harder than running on flat surface or road.

- Sand also acts as a natural shock absorber, so most people see that they walk longer than they normally would on a treadmill or in a park.

- Exposure to sunlight contributes to vitamin D, which is responsible for the body's absorption of calcium, which helps our bones and teeth stay healthy and strong. Recommend : Benefits of Drinking warm water with lemon

- According to the Spanish Association of Primary Care Physicians, walking on the beach is a positive activity for the nervous system because it adjusts symptoms of depression, and reduces anxiety and stress.

- The activity of walking on beach also helps improve blood vessel problems, bloated veins, and edema (swelling) in the edges due to venous balance due to various causes.

- The Spanish Association explained that the irregularity of the sand leads to pressure on the entire sole of the foot, which facilitates the return of the veins and thus improves the symptoms of swollen legs. Read : Know the magical benefits of eating water melon

Study reveals Walking on Beach burns 50% more Calories -

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