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Crown Prince announces the design of 'The Line' city in Neom that merges Nature with Technology

The Line project is a unique urban innovation in the classifications of future cities. The Line city in Neom links the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe and integrates nature with technology and relies on renewable energy.

The city to be executed by the largest and most famous architects in the world, where nature will be integrated in a smart way and is part of the Neom project.

- Thousands of workers already started working months ago on the infrastructure works of The Line project, and the smart designs of the city reflect a civil revolution.

- Saudi Crown Prince and Chairman of the Board of Directors of NEOM, Prince Muhammad bin Salman announced the designs of 'The Line' city, which revolves around the human being and represents a pioneering global model that achieves sustainability and the ideal of living in harmony with nature. See Also : Saudi Arabia's top big projects shaping Kingdom with billions of dollars

- Last year in January, the Prince had launched the idea and initial vision of the city that redefines the concept of urban development and what the cities of the future should look like.

- The designs of the city "The Line" come, a reflection of what urban communities will be like in the future in an environment free from streets, cars and emissions and contribute to preserving 95% of NEOM's land for nature and rely on 100% renewable energy, to make human health and well being an absolute priority instead of a priority for transportation and infrastructure as in traditional cities.

- The Saudi Crown Prince said that NEOM will mostly be offered for public subscription in 2024, explaining that until 2030 NEOM will depend on government support and after that it will be sustainable. Read : Riyadh to Jeddah in 46 minutes with Hyperloop technology

- He added that the government support in NEOM differs from the fund's investment, which will amount to about 500 billion riyals, noting that the Kingdom has great goals to make Saudi Arabia among the 3 largest stock markets on the planet.

- NEOM to add to the size of the Saudi stock market at least 1.2 trillion riyals at the beginning and the total will increase after the completion of the project to above 5 trillion riyals.

- We are still working on the Internal Rate of Return, but we believe it will be 9 to 16%, highlighting that the work will be done to make support in NEOM more efficient and more affordable, said the Prince Mohammed bin Salman during his speech. Recommend : Trojena - A world's destination for mountain Tourism in Neom

- "The Line" city, which is centered around people and represents a pioneering global model that achieves sustainability and the ideal of living in harmony with nature.

- One of the most important specifications of The Line is that it is only 200 meters wide, 170 kilometers long and 500 meters above the sea level. The city will be built on an area not exceeding 34 square kilometers and will accommodate about 9 million people, which is completely unprecedented in cities of the size. Know more : Master plan to develop Jeddah Central

- This in turn reduces the expansion of the infrastructure and enhances the efficiency and sustainability of the city in a distinctive way. Its perfect climate all year round will ensure that residents can enjoy nature when traveling on foot. The Line allows all residents to access all facilities and services within 5 minutes, in addition to the presence of a high-speed train that connects the 2 ends of the city within 20 minutes.

- The Line offers a new approach to city design that focuses on the concept of Zero gravity, which means distributing and building the city's components in the form of vertical layers, allowing people to move in 3 directions, up, down and horizontally in each direction side. Unlike the concept of high rise building this idea makes it easier to move between locations of daily needs, from workplaces, schools, parks and homes within 5 minutes.

- The two outer sides of the city are covered with glass surfaces, which are reflective mirrors that give it a unique character, and allow its details to merge with nature. While the interior spaces are designed in innovative ways, to create extraordinary experiences and unforgettable moments, through a team of world renowned architects and engineers who work with the NEOM team on an ongoing basis. Similar : Oxagon - Largest floating industrial complex in the world

Crown Prince announces the design of 'The Line' city in Neom that merges Nature with Technology -

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