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Saudi Arabia arrests 15,416 expat violators in 1 week from 16th June to 22nd June 2022

The joint field inspections to follow up and control violators of the residency, work and border security regulations carried out by agencies of security forces and Jawazat, which took place in all over the Kingdom, from 16th June to 22nd June 2022, leads to arrest 15,416 illegal expatriates.

1. The total number of violators caught during the inspections all over the Kingdom amounted to 15,416, of which 9,572 are the violators of residence law, 3,747 violators arrested for the border security regulations, while 2,097 illegal expats arrested for violating the Saudi Labor Law.

2. Nearly 331 violators were arrested while trying to cross the border into the Kingdom, Of them 44% are Yemenis, 42% Ethiopians and 14% other nationalities, while 31 people were arrested while trying to cross the border out of the Kingdom. Recommend : Riyadh Labor court rules in favor of 149 employees, awards 28 million riyals in financial compensation from company

3. 10 people were arrested who were involved in transporting, operating and providing shelters to the violators of residency, work and border regulations and covering them up.

4. The total number of violators, who are currently subject to punitive measures, accounted to 70,876 of which 67,270 were men and 3,606 were women.

5. Total of 58,754 violators were referred to their diplomatic missions to get travel documents for deportation, 3,426 were referred to complete their travel reservations and 13,412 violators were deported. Similar : Saudi Arabia allows cancellation of Absent From Work without consent of the Employer with few conditions

- The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia confirmed that anyone who facilitates the entry of violators of the border security system into the Kingdom, or transports them within it, or provides them with shelter, or provides them with any assistance or service in any way will exposes them to below penalties.

- A jail term of up to 15 years, a fine of up to 1 million riyals, and seizure of the means of transportation and housing used for shelter, in addition to defaming it, and made it clear that this crime is one of the major crimes that require arrest, calling everyone to report any violation cases to the number 911 in the regions of Makkah and Riyadh, and 999 and 996 in all regions of the Kingdom. Join Saudi Expatriates on Telegram

Ministry of Interior arrested 15,416 violators of Work, residence and border regulations -

Ministry of Interior arrested 15,416 violators of Work, residence and border regulations -

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