Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, June 9, 2022

Al-Mashaer train runs only 7 days in a Year and only during Hajj season

As the Hajj season is near, the trail run of the Al-Mashaer metro train in the holy sites has started its preparation to receive and transport Hajj pilgrims for the year 2022 (1443 AH). Read : Ministry of Hajj clarifies on whether children below 5 years can perform Hajj this year

After a break of two years in operating metro train due to the spread of Covid-19, Al-Mashaer train to operate again for this year Hajj 2022 (1443 AH).

What is Al-Mashaer train?

Al-Mashaer train is a metro train in Makkah to serve Hajj pilgrims every year, It will help Haji's to travel between the holy sites of Makkah in 9 stations including Mount Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina.

- Al-Mashaer train operates only 7 days in a year, to serve only Hajj pilgrims during the Hajj season. This train has the highest capacity of any metro in the world.

- The Mashaer train is scheduled for more than 1000 trips with 17 trains, each train has 12 air conditioned carriages, each carriage have 5 doors for boarding and alighting 250 passengers from each carriage. Trending : Few interesting facts about Hajj pilgrimage

- These train will be operated by nearly 20,000 operators from various departments and specialists, this train is only for Hajj, it will not link with future Makkah Metro. First it was launched in the year 2010 (1431 AH), the aim of the train is to reduce the congestion of traffic during the Hajj season.

After a break of 2 years, Al-Mashaer train to operate again during this year Hajj 2022 -

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